7.29.10 Tire fixed and Cabot Trail, NS

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We're in Inverness, Scotland. Oh, no, wait... Inverness, Nova Scotia- they just think theyr're Scotish!

Mr. Tire came 136 km out from Sydney today and Kenny fixed our tire! $244 using our spare. Only $65 was for the 1.5 hours of work, as most of it was mileage, which was exact, as I'd checked it on the GPS in advance. And tax. Tax is like 13 to 15 percent here. I was very happy to get it done!  Yahoo!

Then we drove the lovely Cabot Trail and I look forward to the day Ned and I can do it, stopping at the beautiful overlooks and artisian craft shops along the way. 

There were three monster mountains that Ciao both climbed and descended in FIRST gear!  Now Ciao has been on the Rocky Mountains to 22,000 feet elevation, but I cannot remember any climbs that required first gear to reach the top.  Whew!  They were just really steep up to like 1800 feet (which is nothing really!)

The Cabot Trail views were breathtaking!  Cheticamp was my favorite town on the Cabot Trail.  It has French ancestry and as the first language of the bilingual residents.  Plus it was cute and along the ocean and just has a nice energy to it.  The area just south of there DID look a lot like France with the rolling hillsides and fields.  Beautiful!

Much of the Cabot Trail is through the Cape Bretton Highlands National Park, which is a wonderful place to hike, camp, and enjoy the natural beauty.

So now we're just off Hwy 19 at a nice campground where it is REALLY thunderstorming.  I have a veiw of the ocean from Ciao when it's not raining so hard.

Baked Salmon for dinner with maple-BBQ sauce on it. Yum! Charles got a chicken patty, but did eat 3 bites of salmon. Drinking a glass of the Auk Island apple-partridgeberry wine right now, but am trying to save the best to have with Ned

Did you know that we are supposed to be home in TWO weeks? My navigator (Jazy) was off by a week and spent half the Cabot Trail trying to determine a plan to get us home in 14 days.  Ha!

While we miss Newfoundland, we're happy to be back in civilization.  I don't think the Cabot Trail is too populated, but Nova Scotia definitely feels like we're out of the wilds of wonderful Newfoundland and Labrador. 

Speaking of leaving Newfoundland, poor Evelyn and Steve are having quite a time booking a ferry off of Newfoundland!  I had that little fear feeling when I was on Labrador trying to book the ferry back to Newfoundland!  http://evesteve.blogspot.com  It is always more comforting to know you have a way back, but then, adventure has time to happen when you wing it!  I'm sure they will make the most of their extra time on the island.

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