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Our sturdy boat
A Sea Shanty:

"Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale
a tale of a fateful trip,
that started from this Newfoundland port,
aboard this tiny ship.

The mate was a mighty sailin' man,
the Skipper brave and sure,
twenty-five passengers set sail that day,
for a two hour tour,
a two hour tour.

The weather started getting rough,
the tiny ship was tossed.
If not for the courage of the fearless crew
the O'Brien's ship would be lost."

(thanks to Gilligan's Island theme song!)

Oh yes! The Puffin & Whale Watching trip to Witless Bay Ecological Area was frightful! Our Captain was yelling “Hang on! Hang on!” as the waves towered higher than the ship and then the boat hung on the edge and dropped down, our stomachs sinking and our screams rising.
Courageous Captain

Had I not feared being flung overboard in the process, I’d have run to the back of the ship to get life preservers to put on us all!

The Captain turned the boat around only when it was calm enough to do so between waves 4 meters high and more.

We felt like kissing the ground up on return. All money ($165 for 1 adult, 3 students) for the excursion was returned. We were disappointed to miss the wildlife, but grateful for the good sense of the O’Brien’s in bringing us ashore.

A storm last night had churned up the sea and once outside the protective harbor, it was scary! After our 11:30 am attempt, the 2:30 pm tour was cancelled and the 4:30 pm was to be determined.

We really enjoyed Teresa and Jake, a nice couple on board who own the Azalea Inn in Savannah and gave us a nice card from their Inn.
Lia at Cape Spears Lighthouse-near St. John's
Look at her video here: http://www.azaleainn.com/ She’s awesome and it looks lovely!

Cape Spear was our next stop! It is the most Easternmost point in North America! We enjoyed the lighthouses, but did not pay to enter the older one, which sounded like a duplicate of the Bonavista Lighthouse, also run by Parks Canada. The fog with the foghorn was romantic!

We’ve now been to the most Eastern, Western, and Northern points in N. America by road!

Guess who is at our Pippy Park Campground now?? Evelyn and Steve and we are so happy to catch up with them! Jazy and Lia are taking apples right now up to Tulip in hopes that Steve will make his famous apple dessert. Adults enjoyed some of their wonderful Blueberry and Funky Puffin wines from Auk Island Winery in Twillingate.

We got a ferry notice that our 8pm sailing tomorrow has been delayed until 11pm, with check-in at 8:30 pm. Sounds like that weather that caused howling winds last night has caused some delay on the waters between here and Nova Scotia!

TessaHill says:
You are so right, David. In the U.S. they would have been required. In Canada they provide a brief description of where the life preservers are located. I call it "adult peer pressure" when we avoid getting up and putting them on before a water voyage when no one else is. But next time, I will be sure to do so anyway. Of course, we're about to hop on this big ferry and I will not wear one to bed, so I guess each situation has to be evaluated. Still, I might use one as a pillow! :)
Thanks for your note- hope you're doing well!
Posted on: Jul 27, 2010
macdavid says:
This is presumptuous of me, I know, but PUH-LEEZE put on life jackets as soon as you get on any boat. Waiting until things get rough may well be too late.

Smooth sailing on the next ferry.
Posted on: Jul 26, 2010
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Our sturdy boat
Our sturdy boat
Courageous Captain
Courageous Captain
Lia at Cape Spears Lighthouse-near…
Lia at Cape Spears Lighthouse-nea…
Cape Spears Lighthouse-near St. Jo…
Cape Spears Lighthouse-near St. J…
Easternmost Point sign at Cape Spe…
Easternmost Point sign at Cape Sp…
The old Cape Spear Lighthouse
The old Cape Spear Lighthouse
Lovely view from Cape Spear Lighth…
Lovely view from Cape Spear Light…
Witless Bay
photo by: TessaHill