7.24.10 Bonavista, Trinity, & St. John's, Newfoundland

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Today bloomed bright and sunny!  Our oceanside overnight site in Cabot Municipal Park on Cape Bonavista was delightful .

For those wondering, I did not crash the 1990 High School Reunion party last night!  Going with a spouse to a reunion is bad enough, but voluntarily signing up to attend a random reunion??  I don't think so (nice as they surely were!)

In Bonavista today, we enjoyed:

1.  Whale-watching- we stopped back at the Dugeons Provincial Park.  With a calm sea could see the blow spouts of the whales and see their backs and occasionally a tail!

Jazy says whale-sighting is "over-rated," but Lia and I are hooked!  We are enthusiastic or neurotic, depending on whose side you take.

2.  The Matthew- a replica of explorer John Cabot's ship (arrived Bonavista in 1497), complete with guided tour and a nice interpretive center ($17? for the 4 of us).  The boat was very small and life was very difficult on board - I would rather take a big modern cruise ship.  Ha!  Really interesting though.

3.   The Ryan Premise- a 5 building museum filled with information on multiple topics:  the Ryan Mercantile business, the town of Bonavista, the fishing industry (complete with the types of boats, cod fishing techniques, a lesson from a live interpreter on salt cod, trade routes, etc), and life in the 19th century. 

Truthfully, we didn't even get to the final buildings as we had to leave after about 3 hours!  It was really fascinating! ($17.60 total- get the Eastern Newfoundland NHS pass- we should have!)

Then we headed out, not realizing that Evelyn and Steve were just heading INTO Bonavista!  We must have just missed them!  Bummer!  Evelyn already has some super-fab pics of Bonavista up.  See here:  www.evesteve.blogspot.com/

We took Hwy 230 (great) to Trinity, which was a delightful little place, set in the most picture-perfect harbor.  It looked like a TV set. 

Ciao had a bit of trouble making the sharp right turn into town and instead ended up on Water Street, which got very tight in places.  At one point, the ancient houses were touching the corners of the street and Ciao had to just slither through.  Always exciting!

Trinity is the type of town that is so lovely and perfect that if you stop, you might never leave!  So we headed on...

It's a peppy party at Pippy Park!  We're in the classic St. John's campground, right in the city's park.  It's a lovely, quiet, green campground.  Overflow parking in an unserviced site $27.50 is fine until tomorrow when we have 2 nights serviced site reservations ($37). 

There is so much to see in St. John's and with Tuesday's ferry, we wanted to get here, ready to explore in the morning!  We think that today is Newfoundland Day, but even our campground guy didn't think it was, so it must not be a huge holiday.

Again, we just love Newfoundland!  It has all the elements for a delightful time and we think it is just wonderful!  The people, weather, sights, and activities. 

I am most enthralled with their use of the "h" sound in front of all words that begin with a vowel.  And the omission of "h" sounds for all words that start with an "h".  "onestly!  I can ear you because I'm all hears!"  Get it?  I find this quite entertaining!

You could just drop me off in Bonavista for a long time (at least the summer) and I'd be happy as a Northern Cod Fish!  :)

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Saint John's
photo by: jenlai