7.23.10 to Bonavista

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7.23.10 to Bonavista


We’re parked for the night at the Landfall Municipal Park where a statue of John Cabot, Explorer, overlooks Ciao, the waving grass and moss on the rocks, and the small cliffs out to the sea.  The candy-cane red and white Bonavista Lighthouse is just up the hill.


It’s a rainy day, but Bonavista is STILL lovely.


We drove the 100 miles from Terra Nova National Park this morning and it has basically rained since.  Bring your foul weather gear to Newfoundland so you can still get out! 


The drive took us awhile because we were on slow, wet roads, going along the northern route, through very small towns (maybe 8 buildings) and on rolling hills near the coast.  Lovely!


Bonavista is much bigger than I imagined!  It had 8,000 residents before the Cod Fish moratorium in 1992, and I was told that some residents now commute to Alberta (near the West side of Canada), working in the oil fields and returning home when they can.


In fact, this weekend starts the festivities for the “Come Home 2010” week of homecoming fun.


We visited:


The Lighthouse ($3 each, under 12 free):  Costumed interpreters in each room (the Lightkeeper had lived there) provided excellent information in essentially a private tour.  Fascinating to see the 1870’s rooms and the oil-burning lights in the lighthouse.  White-white-red was the light-code for Bonavista Lighthouse.


The Gift Shop at the Lighthouse- got Dogberry Jam and Marshberry Jam and a potato cooker.  This cloth bag is locally handmade and supposed to microwave potatoes to moist perfection!


Puffins on the cliffs on the side of the Lighthouse:  so cute with their round, little black and white bodies with orange beaks, like miniature penguins!  They are the official bird of Newfoundland and Labrador.


Dungeon Provincial Park- just a 2km drive near the lighthouse, along the coast, to admire a sinkhole with caves to the sea.


Whales:  waterspouts gave away their location and we admired them from the cliffs until we froze.  It was apparently lovely yesterday.


A local convenience-sized grocery store where we bought a partridgeberry pie


Visitor’s info- (by now Ciao was parked in 2 spaces, parallel parking in town) where she said we could RV overnight park anywhere along the Bonavista Peninsula, by the lighthouse.  Got a nice map of the town.


Wilkham’s Pub & CafĂ©- dinner in a cozy, nice cafĂ© where the owner walks around and visits.  Seafood chowder, Shepherd’s Pie, chicken pannini, and hot chocolates!


Longbeach Road- drive along the coast to enjoy the views


Overnighting by the lighthouse by the sea:  And here we are.  Not a soul here when we parked and then a folks arrived and walked down to the shelter along the water.  Now there are 7 cars of people, all carrying drinks for the Friday night fun.  They look nice and I might just join them!



We are also considering driving across to the Dungeon Provincial Park- but either place suits us happily!


Our travels in Ciao just reached 60,000 miles since we bought her in May 2007!


We have at least 4500 miles to get home, so my 7700 miles estimate for the trip is off.  I think we’re about 6500 now.


I’d like to thank Lia, to whom I now owe a Loonie ($1), for the silence to think in order to make this blog tonight.  J


p.s.  I just secured an invitation to join the Class of 1990 at a their 20-year reunion get-together. Heehee!  You can't call me shy!  :)







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