7.22.10 Terra Nova National Park

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7.22.10 Terra Nova National Park

I was sad to say goodbye to Evelyn and Steve this morning.  They are so much fun and since we leave Newfoundland on Tuesday, we likely will not see them again on this trip. 

But there were whales in the harbor and we saw them jumping on the left side by the rocks, although admittedly it was too far away for our liking. 

Then we skittled through town just as they were shutting down parts of it for the parade.

Guess what is within 10 miles of Twillingate?  TWO lobster tank places!  One was on the side of the road, but we went to the first one, which was down small roads, thru a neighborhood, etc. 

The people at our lobster place were incredibly friendly and Gord, who manages it, took Lia through the whole catch and cook the lobster process.  The rest of us couldn't watch the cooking part.  But I helped with the eating part! 

The lady who owns the place brought out hunks of snow crab for us to try.  Tourists that we'd seen at the winery in Twillingate yesterday dropped by and we all sat on the dock, eating and talking for a long time.  It was delightful and exactly what this trip is all about!

We drove Hwy 340 to 331 (in spite of a bit of construction- no big deal) to CA-1 (Trans-Canada). 

Terra Nova National Park is the other NP (Gros Morne on the W. coast is the other) in Newfoundland and the CA-1 goes right by it.  So we are now at the National Park's Newman Campground here.  Serviced site (electric only) is $43 counting our $14.50 daily family pass.  It is a huge 410 site campground.  We like how they have daily programs and may go to the 8:30pm one at the Outdoor Theatre near the campground. 

Also, they have "community campfires" so that families can get to know each other.  I think this is a GREAT idea!  I mean, do we all need to have our own campfire EVERY night?  Sometimes, there is so much smoke that you cannot have screens open in the RV.  I believe their intention is also to reduce forest fires as we're in an amazing boreal forest.

Back up to the Visitor's Center (3 km) we went to the touch-tank and marine interpretive center, which had C-C-COLD water in it! Oh my gosh!  I think the only water I've felt that cold was Crater Lake!  Colder than that and it's ICE.  The starfish, clams, and fish were very interesting to feel. 

Their gift shop had teas of all the berries found here:  Bakeapple, partridgeberry, blueberry, etc.  And chocolates made in Newfoundland.  And a cafe with Scotsburn ice cream and homebaked treats and trailmix.  We are not going hungry on this trip!

Speaking of food, for dinner we stir-fried some scallops and cod cheeks- yum!  But we just could not finish the cod cheeks.  It tasted fine, really, but the thought...  Anyway, we're enjoying eating lots of seafood- every day!

Newfoundland is just a WONDERFUL place.  It is beautiful, has interesting scenery, very nice and friendly people, delicious seafood, festive music, lots of festivals, and 4 moose per square kilometer with only 2 people in that area! 

You could just fly into one of the several airports (St. John's, Gander, Deer Lake, Corner Brook), on a flight thru Toronto, Montreal or Halifax and spend a few months exploring this delightful island.  There are so many places that we don't have time to explore.  We're just onan overview tour in our few weeks - I do hope Ned and I can return and spend all summer on this lovely slice of Heaven!

Update:  We've just returned from the wonderful outdoor program, which was a play done by young staff at the campground. It was about the 125th anniversary of Banff becoming the first Canadian National Park!  HILARIOUS!  Very well done and entertaining.  Funny to be in Newfoundland watching a play on a park in Alberta, which we went to two years ago!

Then we went to the community campfire (several around the campground) and met a family from St. John's who vacation two weeks a year here and then a week elsewhere each summer.  Very nice, as usual, and good s'mores!



macdavid says:
I've been enjoying these posts and pics and really look forward to them every day. Can't even begin to tell you how incredibly jealous I am about all that lobster. The cod cheeks I won't miss, but day-after-day of fresh lobster! Man...!

It sounds like this adventure is about to wind up, and I hate to see it come to an end. I'll keep following, though, as you wend your way back to Texas. Safe travels.
- David
Posted on: Jul 22, 2010
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