7.17.10 UNESCO & St. Anthony, NFL

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Happy Birthday to Charles! My handsome boy is 14 today and I love him SO much! The kids went to buy ice cream the other day. I wandered off but could hear someone else order. Who had ordered ice cream just when my kids went there? Why, that deep voice had come from Charles! He’s going to be taller than Jazy soon. He is an agreeable, smart, charming, and good-humored gentleman. I am so proud of him.

So we had overnighted alone in the White Rock Trail parking area, which was great except for just one little problem. Buzzing, biting, how-did-they-get-in MOSQUITOES! Did I mention that we all have big swollen knots behind our ears from the black flies in Labrador? Now we awaken to find about 25 mosquitoes biting us in Ciao!

It was war and we won. But it took about half an hour to get them all. We still do not know how all those mosquitoes entered when all windows and vents were completely closed, no screens even. Weep holes? We desperately wanted mosquito nets for our beds.

Finally, we headed north, stopping at a gas station and chatting with the guy there. Shrimp is the main industry, with 4 fish plants running fulltime in the summer. Sadly, for the fishermen, the price is way down and they are getting just $.50 per pound for their catch. Seems so unfair when the shrimp costs so much to buy. Someone is making money in the middle. I also heard in Nova Scotia that prices paid to lobster fishermen has been very low for several years now, to the point of difficult to make a living. I wonder if the oil in the Gulf of Mexico will affect fish prices here.

We saw a moose! Got pictures too-yeah!

So we’re headed on the highway to Lance Aux Meadow Viking site and guess who we pass? Evelyn & Steve! We worked our plan and chased them down! It was great fun visiting in Ciao and we are now side-by-side in a campground tonight! More on that later.

Eve & Steve head south to St. Anthony’s and we go on to Lance Aux Meadows, the final UNESCO Canadian site on this trip for us. It is a Viking Settlement from 1000 A.D. and costumed Vikings visit in their mid-ground sod houses. Very interesting!

As the Visitor’s Center was being renovated, a small trailer served as the ranger place and gift shop. Then we could take a shuttle; or walk a long way; or drive a mile down the road with a ten-minute blustery walk to the actual settlement. We did option 3.

As it was Canada Parks day today, we did not have to pay the $30 family rate! (hooray!)

C-C-COLD! Freezing cold, raining, and gusting winds. Oh my gosh! This is JULY! Someone said it was 40 degrees this morning - I don’t think it warmed up much.

We enjoyed the Vikings and signs on the excavation site (now buried), but the weather and 150 descending cruise ship passengers hastened our exit.

We drove the 25 miles to St. Anthony’s. Still rainy, foggy, windy.

Pizza Delight for Charles! It was the first pizza place we saw and had “free on your birthday”! No kidding! Delicious!

And guess who was in the parking lot? Tulip (the RV) with Evelyn & Steve! (http://Evesteve.blogspot.com )

There is only one campground with services for many miles, the Three Falls Campground. Limited weekend hours for the one St. Anthony propane supplier meant we’ll ration our ¼ tank and use electric. Plus, the campground has wi-fi. Ahhhh. For $28.25 (incl. tax for electric/water, dump station), it’s worth it.

So Tulip is in Site 1, Ciao is in 2, and we’re all cozy for the night. We have lunch plans at the Lighthouse Restaurant tomorrow. Hopefully it will clear up so we can see the iceberg in the harbor! We could barely see the Princess Cruise ship this afternoon there in the fog.

Jazy baked a fabulous cake for Charles in Ciao and we enjoyed birthday festivities.

It was a great day!

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Saint Anthony
photo by: vk01