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The next two months were a crazy period. I started arranging everything, researched Asia (just a bit), went on my final company wintersport, several other travels and met a whole new group of friends in Belgium. Instead of wrapping things up I kept having meetings, tournaments, goodbye parties and basically went crazy having the time of my life. Knowing you are going to leave the continent for a long time is very liberating and allows you to do things you normally wouldn't do. But all of that time I had to wrap up work as well and that meant that "arranging everything" really came last place.

Eventually I found out that some big things just weren't going to happen the way I wanted to.
- Selling the house turned out to be a bad idea because of the housemarket. Instead I needed to find an agency that would rent out my house. That also meant making it habitable for other people and fixing everything that was broken
- Selling my own car turned out to be impossible because it decided to break and die a few weeks to early
- And selling some collections that I had turned out to be impossible. Nobody wanted them and they weren't worth nearly as much as I had thought.

All of that basically meant that when it was time to box up my house on Sunday, I was far from ready to do so. Nothing was arranged or boxed, nothing worth money was sold and I started to panic if I would get it all finished on time. On top of it all a camera crew from Norway was coming over on Monday and they were going to shoot some "goodbye " footage from Monday-night to Wednesday at the airport.

With the help from a friend from Belgium and my parents and 2 nights of continuous working I got to the point that on Wednesday morning 7 am my "ToDo"-list was shorter than my "Done"-List for the first time.
- I had a backpack full of things I would need for my travel
- a small backpack full of paperwork I needed to take care of
- a plastic bag with all kinds of things for my parents and some things to distribute among my friends
- a garage with a small "to keep" and a big "to donate or trash" department
- and a very tired friend from Belgium that still had a big ToDo list that she would handle after saying goodbye and getting some sleep.

There was still some teaching to do in the morning, but after that my parents brought me to the airport. We got to discuss everything that had and hadn't happened in the last few weeks and we could say goodbye. Even the Norwegian camera crew got their shots and I made it on the plane in time, but with a lot of unfinished business in that small backpack and a huge "I am not ready for this" feeling in my head.
camillanielsson says:
Well you are there now :)
And here in Denmark we are looking forward to hear about it all :)
Posted on: Apr 05, 2010
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