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I should be in Prague right now, but a few unavoidable things came to pass.  First problem is that an AUDI A3 is not allowed into the Czech Republic by my rental company.  I am just begging for a theft to happen there.  As I didn’t figure this out until the last minute, I couldn’t make other plans like getting on a bus or train.  Well, a bus would take twice as long, and a train may not be worth the price or the time.  Personally, I like to be able to stop along the way when I see something that interests me.  I was going to make this trip with another friend of mine, and we had planned a visit to Dresden as well, in the very East of Germany.  She got sick last night, everyone is getting sick in this town ( me included, on my arrival from the States).  The weather is pure shit.  Strong westerly winds, ugly gray skies, and an ominous foreboding of heavy rains and thunderclouds.  I chewed over the weather and my thoughts over breakfast, and decided against going to East Germany today.  Instead, I am leaving for the ancient Roman city of Trier tomorrow.  Oma and I cooked a rich peasant’s meal for lunch, washed dishes and cleaned the kitchen together, and now I am getting some work done on the computer.  The winds continue to howl outside, and I am rightly ticked.


Cost of one chicken breast from the local supermarket:  $4.35

Cost of one kg chicken breast: $14.00


Cost for a new set of nails, called neumodellage: $75

                                                With French tips:  $81

Cost for a manicure with all the fixins: $27

                Hand massage an additional: $7 (included in a basic manicure in the states)


*$15 of this cost are taxes!

You might think you are getting a break when you purchase a product in Europe and pay the listed price, but everything has a 19% tax already included, which all receipts explain for your convenience.


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Bad Nauheim
photo by: hannajax