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Today it finally rained, after six weeks of drought.  This is something almost unheard of at this time of year.  Germans blame it on environmental depredation and destruction of the ozone layer.  However, a friend made sure to inform me today that studies show that the United States rank at the forefront of pollution and destruction.  I love the fact that it is so easy to blame the US for the world’s problems…in size alone, its like comparing mountains to mole hills.  Of course the US consumes more, wastes more, and produces more.  The US is bigger!  You can’t win an argument with a German though, at least the ones I know.


Most of my day was spent with my mom’s friends…both in their 50s, both great gals • but I am not quite at their level, yet.  Birgit, the youngest of the two, invited us to an all you can eat Chinese Thai buffet in Friedberg, called Chin Thai.  I was shocked to find that this is even cost effective in a country where everything is so expensive.  For roughly nine dollars, we sampled everything from Chicken in yellow curry to tempura Calamari Rings.  Birgit loves to talk, so even after having an hour to digest our meal, we were still loitering at the buffet.  A digestif  was in order so I encouraged the gals to get moving and head to a café with me.  Cafes, just like ice cream parlors are run by Italians here.  Like the famous gelatto, no one does coffee like the Italians.  Four cappuccinos, a latte macchiato, and a bowl of ice cream later • we went shoe shopping.  The “Pussycat Dolls” have their own line of designer shoes here, so I purchased a pair of camoflauge pumps and a pair of gold pointed heels that resembled something out of Arabian nights.  $57 dollars later, I happily left Friedberg with a full belly and two new pairs of European galoshes.


Back at home with Oma it was soon dinner time, followed by the German version of “Who wants to be a millionaire.” We topped off the night with the news and a glass of  Macedonian Rose wine.  $3 dollars and 10,5% alcohol, it was quite lovely.  Topics in the news were the Muslim integration, Turkey joining the EU, and the need for the German government to come up with a standardized minimum wage.  No minimum wage is currently in place in Germany.  Immigrants are still working at reduced wages, some starting at $4 an hour.  Example: a Night watchman makes between $5.50 and $6.00 an hour here, whereas a new employee at McDonalds earns a starting salary of $8 an hour in Phoenix, Arizona.  One of the individuals interviewed in the program is a florist that holds shop at one of the open air markets in the city of Trier.  Her income is often so low that she has to resort to food kitchens to feed herself.  Daily, I am reminded of the dire economic situation of the German state.  The irony lies in hearing the next minute of how the state’s unemployment program pays for someone’s entire tuition to learn a trade…it’s just not easy, for some.

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