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I had to sleep off that wine, so I rose much later than I expected to.  My incredible thirst was quenched thanks to Ramada’s indulgent mini bar in the room.  I had truly hoped and prayed for better weather, but the sky was once again overcast and moody.  My main goal today was to explore the Roman baths, the Kaiserthermen, that Constantin the Great had erected while he resided here thousands of years ago.

I walked through the city gardens, where the salmon colored baroque Electoral Palace was located.  I did an extensive tour of the Kaiserthermen, the Imperial Baths, including underground labyrinths that were built for the specific purpose of draining the water from the different pools.  These ruins date back to the 4th century, with the walls of the Caldarium (the hot bathing house) still preserved.

Following my tour, I walked back into the city center where I had German sausage at a stand, and Maibowle

 at the Michael Steinmetz winery booth.

  Maibowle is white wine, champagne, Waldmeister, and Maikraut.  It is a kind of punch, or sangria, which some people will put fruit into such as fresh strawberries or kiwi.  Getting it right is not an easy matter.

                Next on the agenda was revisiting the Porta Nigra, in hopes of gaining access to the top of the floors of this massive “gate,” for some views of the city.  The gate is from the 2nd century, made of sandstone blocks held together by iron clamps.  The weather over the centuries caused the black discoloration, and this is why it began to be called the black gate during the middle ages.  Beginning in the 11th century, it served a double purpose as church, and one can clearly see the religious stone carvings and reliefs when exploring the four floors of this grand gate.

                After leaving the gate and city center, my destination was the “Viehmarkt,” where another site of ancient Roman ruins was discovered.  Here, the entire archeological find was housed in glass, everything was labeled and detailed, and painted a grand picture of the art of leisure, relaxation, and bathing that the Romans held so dear.

  Dating back to the 1st century, one can also see medieval waste shafts and cellar rooms of a baroque monastery.

                The time was approaching three in the afternoon, and it was time to return to the hotel, and take off for Luxembourg.  Luxembourg, a tiny country wedged between Germany and Belgium, was a mere 30 minutes from the city of Trier.
nyprne says:
I could sleep off wine in a place like this.
Posted on: Mar 02, 2011
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Kaiserthermen The Imperial Baths
"Kaiserthermen" The Imperial Baths
photo by: Vlindeke