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I was looking forward to leaving this dusty hole today for Ankara. Kahta wasn’t my favourite town it was ugly and half the road was up so it looked like a big building site, the only good thing about it was that the people were nice and didn’t treat us like Aliens. Commagean pension didn’t serve breakfast so we went across the road to a cafe which had a crap selection of breakfast as well, soup or cheese! We went into a couple of supermarkets and couldn’t find a bakery; we really were in a dead beat town. Next we tried the Zeus Hotel and they were quite happy to give us an all you can eat buffet breakfast for 10 Lira so in we went! We pigged out and got our 10 Lira’s worth! The Hotel was nice and had a pool although it was empty. We had called this hotel back in Urfa but they wanted 150 Lira’s a night so hence why we opted for the cheaper Karadut Pension which we didn’t end up staying in anyway. Over breakfast we discussed the networking that was happening in this town between bus drivers and Pension owners. We came to the conclusion that our bus driver had tipped off our Armenian friend who pulled us off the bus that a couple of gullible tourists were on their way!  We also concluded that the Kurdish manager of our Pension was in cahoots with our Armenian friend at the travel agent and they probably do quite well at poaching tourists off buses as they roll in. Zehra also starting talking to a Turkish tour group that joined us on our large table. They said that they went up to Nemrut at Sunrise and it was so cold and foggy they needed torches to see the monument so we got the better deal going to the mountain the day before. After breakfast we headed back to the hotel to get my net book as Zeus had wireless and we needed to research our Ankara Hotel. I’ve learnt not to trust Lonely Planet's  recommendations on accommodation I have very often found what they say is good turns out to be bad so I rely more on Trip Advisor. On the way back our Armenian friend was standing out the front probably waiting for the next bus, so I couldn’t help myself and had to say something! I asked him if he was waiting for his next victims! He got the joke and laughed and said yes he was fishing, Zehra called him a Pirate! At least he saw the funny side of our digging at him. Inside the hotel I met an Asian lady and I asked her if she was pulled off the bus and she said yes.  So a word of warning to anyone coming to Kahta, if you have booked a hotel insist you go to it don’t allow yourself to be pulled off a bus by a Pirate Armenian and steered towards Commagean Pension!! Our bus to Ankara was at 12:00pm so I had some time on the Internet and we booked Angora House. 

We said goodbye to our Pirate friends and started on our dreaded 13 hour journey.  It wasn’t too bad to start with I killed plenty of time catching up with the blogs.  We arrived in Ankara at 2am in the morning! We were two hours late.  Zehra said her friend was going to meet us and take us to our hotel but he was still at home so we decided to take a taxi which couldn’t find our hotel and had to stop and ask about 5 times! Eventually we found it tucked away inside the Citadel walls. Our tired host of the hotel let us in and within half an hour we were out like a light.

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photo by: EmEm