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Relaxing afternoon with a cuppa
Today was my last day in Istanbul and we planned to have a relaxing shopping day but we had to include a visit to the cop shop to get a police report.  Zehra was telling the hotel staff what happened with my camera and they said it may be difficult to get a report as tourists have been fleecing the system and so Turkish police are resistant in giving reports I also had to make up a story that I lost my camera in Istanbul otherwise they would tell me to go to Ankara and get a report!  My other task today was to pick up my vase so after breakfast we thought a visit to the police station and the postage pickup place was first on the list.  We found the police station and all they could tell us is we had to go the other police station near our hotel to file a report as they don't do it.  Next task was to find the post pickup which was hard to find when we eventually found it my vase hadn't been delivered yet so we would come back later.  We hiked to the other police station only to find a queue so that was also a come back later!  We spent the rest of the afternoon shopping in the bazaar's and getting the last minute gifts.  Istanbul appeared to be much busier this time around and I don't know if it's because of my visit to the other parts of Turkey but the Bazaar sellers seemed a hell of a lot more pushy to the point of annoying.  A couple of pushy sellers saw the sharper side of my nature I was glad when the shopping spree was complete and we could get out of there.  So back to the post pickup and still not arrived so we left our hotel number for them to call us if and when it arrived!  back to the cop shop and we were in luck this time except that when I told them my story that I might of lost it near the ferry drop off point they told me to go to the police station that side of town! I was furious why the hell the difficulty? we went back to the hotel and looked up the the cop station that end of town only to find it was miles away so I said forget it I want to enjoy my last day not chase all over Istanbul trying to get a police report.  We rested for a while and I packed my bags then about 5pm we got a call that my vase arrived so we wondered down to pick it up.  It was later in the  afternoon and we decided to go out to one of the local haunts for a relaxing cuppa, we found a place with outside cushions so we sank into one for a nice relaxing brew.  Zehra was talking to the waiter and got the impression he was the local tart and didn't care what foreign woman jumped into the sack with him as long it was female so she hinted to me that we should make a sharp exit!  We had a laugh over it!  For dinner we went back to our favorite restaurant to celebrate our final evening of two good friends who have had a great adventure together.
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Relaxing afternoon with a cuppa
Relaxing afternoon with a cuppa
photo by: Memo