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Well I am now back in shanghai, and the weather, well its not ideal.

Well i enjoyed a wonderful snorkeling trip at Krepinsky resort, by one of the nicest and safest water sports organizations (so ive heard).  The beach at this resort is also amazing there is an amazing amount of space between beach chairs and the beach by the water is down about 4 feet from the seating area.   The chairs are all about 20 feet away from the water. Even with children playing you will not hear or see them, allowing you to enjoy the water and enjoy quiet lounging by the beach in the same place. The service at the beach is great you can order food and drinks and they arent bad prices considering the location.  I recommend staying at the mandarin oriental or kremynski.   dadonghai beach is nice as well and prices are reasonable, but it is alot louder, and at night a drinking crowd takes over the beach. dadonghai is a group of hotels and restaurants sharing a beach as opposed to the mandarin and krepymski who have private beaches. i stayed at intime sanya, its a nice hotel but please have patience, and dont order room service after hours. The food is a disaster afterhours. Like Raw Burgers. You will need patience but it is very reasonable.

This morning before leaving I went to the holiday in where they have a fish hot spring. The fish eat your dead skin cells and though i only survived one nibble, a friend said that the results are like youve had a pedicure. It was 50yuan for 30 min, and you can completely get in the water as we saw a chinese man and his wife do.  This is definately an adventure.  

I dont really know what to put on these things but my overall recommendation is to take a couple days. Find an amazing resort make sure the restaurants look good, get your beach outfits together and sit there. Perhaps take some trips to the night market or for sugar cane and fresh coconuts.  

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I am here in sunny sanya for a wedding. The Intime Sanya is my home during this trip and its a great place. It is a bit outdated but the service and food is good. The english speakers are fewer than found in Thailand, but usually if you have a couple minutes or are willing to go on a short walk on a quest for an english speaker you will h ave no worries.  If I could come back I would stay at the Mandarin Oriental which is definately worth all the money they charge.

If your on a budget though you can stay here  on the beach for between 500-800 yuan with an oceanview room.

The mixed drinks are almost always wrong. awfully wrong. in the interest of your happiness stick to beer or fresh fruit juices. Trust me i am travelling with a group of friends and i have seen a long island go horribly wrong despite the fact that In my belief its a bar basic. If that dosent warn you how about a rum and coke gone wrong. Hey if you dont take my word, and you are not extremely lucky your in for a surprise.

Stuff to do:
I  hope your only going for the beach. Theres not to much else besides water sports. You can go hiking in the mountains and see the lady who turned around and turned into a deer, but most people who have gone say they were charged small fees (all less than 100 yuan) throughout their tour and didnt find anything very impressive.  Well at least not compared to the beach. If youve got a while to stay plan to spend at least one night at the hot springs, they have various activities and spa packages that seem really cool but the best ones people recommend are at minimum a day trip. Be prepared they are more expensive because there is not much around and you have to eat at the springs. The food is very local, you will get to try alot of new foods, but dont expect anything to western.  I didnt go but friends did. I found the beach to be more enticing.

Watch out for the food poisoning. Alot of that going around here. Safe places to eat are the hotels.  Even a friend of ours a local (not a native hainan  local) eats at hotels quite frequently.  In addition, many street places rip you off and the hotels are more reasonable. Usually mid to lower range in the cost scale. ie. 2 friends went to a food stand ordered 2 dishes both fish dishes and spent 250yuan. at my hotel 9 of us each picked a dish (including fish, steak, pork, chicken, and seafood dishes) and ordered 2 appetizers shared 2 large 40oz. beers and all had at least one other alchoholic bevereage, and we ate for 650 yuan, which was 80 yuan per piece. 

Be careful if you are coming in around midnight if at all possible arrange transportation other than the taxis. These guys dont bargain, apparently there are taxi gangs that monopolize the airports, this is hearsay but i figured id pass this on as a heads up feel free to comment with any input. You will more than likely be ripped of, but be cautious.  Even with the taxis with meters sometimes they will refuse to use them. feel free to bargain with the taxi drivers outside of the airport if they refuse to use the meter, but youve got to be good. I have come to believe that they dont like working and will charge you an arm and a leg bc they think the meters are too cheap. Be stubborn. The tuk tuks ive seen want to charge 5x more than the taxis and i have not successfully barrgained with any of them.  Apparently no air conditioning is desireable in the sanya sun and merits a significant increase over cabs which have air conditioning.  ie. 5-6 yuan to choozoo che (taxi) it to a locale i visit every day, and 20yuan is the lowest i could bargain for the same destination in a tuk tuk.  so needless to say no tuk tuk for me.

The beaches are beautiful and they dont touch thailand, but seeing the mountains right by the beach was a unique features.  Coconuts are of course a plenty on this island so prepare yourself for a trip full of beachside restaurants, and coconuts by the beach.   

I didnt see alot about sanya on this website and now i know why. I also know why there are only 3 top 10 things to do in sanya on the list on travbuddy.   Dont overlook this really great destination its an inexpensive getaway if you are near shanghai like me and you cant get to thailand, or want you money to go further sanya is the place.


photo by: cynthiasmiller