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12 people can be very quiet at 6am in the morning. Me and 12 others from my hostel had decided the day before that if we should make the trip from Manila to San Pedro just outside San Fernando then we had to start early and so we did. We was going to see the reenactment of Jesus crucifixion that happens here on Good Friday.
6:15am we flagged down a couple of taxis to take us to the bus station and 15 minutes after we arrived to the station the bus heading for San Fernando took off - Perfect timing. 1½ hour bus rides is best spent sleeping, especially at that time of the day. So after a few blinks with my eyes we was in San Fernando. We got out of the bus and found a jeepny willing to drive us to the small village of San Pedro and a short ride later we was there.
We've made it in record time so a few minutes after 9am we was walking around in this place only famous for one thing and is was going to happen in just a few hours.
San Pedro's main street is very fast to walk through and if it wasn't just for this special day there would be nothing to see here.
But it is a special day so just after a few minutes we see this hooded guy walk by while whipping his back so the blood splatters all around. This happens again and again the next 45 minutes while we figure out where the "real show" takes place and get some breakfast from the local stores.

At 10am it all starts. People, mostly locals, are standing at the side of the road, waiting to see the hero of the day. Jesus himself!! - and he appears from around a corner with his followers while a big sound system places on a truck plays dramatic music.
He kneels down in front of us but is soon after arrested by the Romans and given the sentence; Death by crucifixion!! He is presented with the cross and so starts the hour long walk under the burning sun. The possession walks slowly through the village with the big speaker truck in front and Jesus right after with Romans all around him. Every once in a while they whip him just to keep him going. If it wasn't for the photographers, the ice cream sellers and the coca cola sponsorship this could be 2000 years ago.
We're walking towards this small man made hill with 3 big crosses. So the modern day Jesus didn't even had to carry his own cross the the hill but they make him do it anyway.
When we arrive at the hill the 2 smaller crosses are already occupied with other guys but they are only tied up.
All the media people and the few tourists are pointed towards a special VIP area close to the hill so we really can make the money shot, while the 2-3000 locals are seated at a roofed stadium.
The big cross is being take down and the Romans forces Jesus up on it - Here we go, the thing we all waited for, tension is high and the photographers are pushing to get the best shot. In seconds it's over- a big nail is droved though both his hands and the cross is erected....
It is almost noon. The heat in unbearable but at least we're not nailed to a big piece of wood out in the sun. He hangs up there for about 10 minutes and after he's taken down he is rushed to the medic tent and treated for is wounds. A few minutes after he stands up and is OK. Spontaneous applause and cheering breaks out and that concludes the show.
Time to get back to Manila - It has been a full day and it's only noon. Amazing what can happen when you get up at 6am on a Good Friday
mightor20 says:
didn't realize i posted a comment here last year. was able to check it out this year.
Posted on: Apr 27, 2011
mightor20 says:
nice, michael! i was supposed to go here but I got lazy. lol. my hometown is near this place in pampanga.
Posted on: Jun 07, 2010
mbeltoft says:
Thanks James :D
Posted on: Apr 07, 2010
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San Pedro
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