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After catching an early train from Deurne to Amsterdam this morning to farewell Andrew, I took the train to Amsterdam Centraal and walked to Martin’s work to collect the house keys. Lisa and Martin are kindly letting me stay with them in their apartment before my flight to Kiev tomorrow morning. I am psyched to be visiting the Ukraine.

Amsterdam, although a lovely city never ceases to amaze me how many tourists flock to this place to experience some of the ‘culture’ on offer; ladies selling themselves, drugs and the infamous ‘Coffee Shops’ are ever-popular attractions with the tourists and then there are the scam artists.

Previously on a visit to the city a well-dressed woman stopped me and told me the story of how she had no money and explained her bank card wasn’t working in any of the machines and wanted to know if I could give her some cash. Obviously she didn’t know with whom she was talking to as I was the girl who spent only €5.11 per day whilst I was in Eastern Europe – there was no way I was going to give out money to someone I had only recently see stuff some bank notes into her jacket pocket and so I politely removed myself from her presence.

Today’s approach was no different, just the person was different. A well-dressed man approached me and told me a story of how he had no money for the bus and his bankcard wasn’t working in any of the machines and could I give him some cash. His story would have had more substance to it if he hadn’t of left the comfort of a car only recently from the DRIVERS SIDE. Once again, I politely refused and removed myself from his presence.

The walk to the apartment was long, through the numerous parks and pleins that cover the city, but the day was pleasant and the smell of Olliebollen filled the air – although I was strong willed and didn’t succumb to purchasing any of these delicious doughnuts.

Now looking back I am surprised at how strong I was – but I think this strength was helped by the fact I had only €0.07 in my wallet. Times were tough and if I wasn’t willing to give anyone my last seven cents, what were the chances of a complete stranger buying my story that I had no money for Olliebollen and my bankcard wouldn’t work in the machines (maybe because I have no money in my account) and could they give me some money. No, I think the chance of me being able to coerce someone into giving me cash was slim to none.

So now I am sitting here at Lisa’s place playing with Aki (the cat) until both Lisa and Martin return home. I’ve made myself a cheese sandwich and after all this walking I am happy to sit down and relax away from the temptations of what can be found on the streets of Amsterdam (Olliebollen is what I’m referring to here and not anything else).

Tomorrow I am off on a new adventure to Ukraine. This should be an interesting place – I’m off to see the sights of Kiev and Chernobyl and I’m sure they’ll be a blast!

Tot ziens

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photo by: pearcetoyou