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The best thing about pockets is that sometimes you find things in there you put there ages ago but had forgotten about, lip balm, a lone chewing gum pellet, a hair tie, but the best thing to find is money.  Coins or notes – it’s all the same and it is all good and after being only €0.07 in the black, finding a large note in my pocket was a welcome relief to the usual used tissue.


After leaving the comfort of Lisa and Martin’s house for the cold crisp autumn Amsterdam morning, I managed to walk to the bus station with no problems and I purchased a ticket to the airport for €4.  The journey only took about 20 or so minutes and I finally arrived at Schiphol just as the check in counters were opening and I checked in my backpack for Kiev


I still can’t believe that I’m heading there.  It seems like months ago that I was talking with Dan, who I had met in Uzbekistan, and we were talking about meeting up someplace neither of us had visited before.  The Ukraine seemed like the logical place to meet.  I think the reason is seems like months ago is because … well it was months ago.  But still now here I was sitting in the KLM Lounge eating a delicious free breakfast, getting ready to board my flight to Warsaw and then continue onto Kiev.


Waiting in airport lounges is always pleasant, and the KLM one didn’t disappoint – breads, meats, cheeses, juices, yoghurts, coffee all were sampled by me this morning as I made sure I was going to have a satiated stomach as I wasn’t sure when the next chance would be.


As it turns out, I needn’t have been so eager to full my stomach.  My flight on LOT to Warsaw meant I got fed and then when I arrived, I immediately went to the LOT airport lounge (oh I do love having Star Alliance Gold membership), and ate and drank my full there.  I even managed to pack my empty backpack with chocolates, chip packets, cans of drink and best of all, the two-minute noodles that were on offer in this lounge. 


Obviously I chose to ignore the signs about only eating the food provided within the lounge.  I wasn’t sure how much eating out was going to cost in the Ukraine so I had to be prepared as my Girl Guide training had taught me to be. 


Once again on the flight to Kiev I was provided with food, and after this, I was starting to feel the effects of eating all day – I was getting tired. 


All going well I was going to meet Dan at the airport and after speaking to airport staff, who were so incredibly lovely, let me sit in their area.  I waited and waited and then like a lot of the day, waited some more.  Finally his flight landed and we got to meet up.


First impressions of Kiev is that it seems more Russian than Russia is (is that even possible?)  There are still a lot of cars from the Soviet times on the road, ladies were large fur coats, men in big furry hats, the no smiling rule and the no queuing (unless it seems, it is for a bus). 


I’ve liked what I’ve seen so far, but this no queuing business may get to me after a while.  I’ve been so used to waiting that I need to get my ‘game face’ back on.  Maybe I can find this in my pocket as well – after all it seems like there is a lot of things in there that I didn’t know I had.


Budte zdorovi from Kiev

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photo by: Biedjee