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Leaving Chisinau on this very miserable looking morning at the airport

Rising at stupid o’clock (again two days in a row), meant that I had a restless night’s sleep as I spent the night worrying that I would sleep through my three alarms that I had set for myself.  Turns out restless nights sleep give me even more vivid dreams than normal and I spent hours trying to work out why I spent the evening dreaming about chasing a crocodile and then attempting to put a saddle on it.  I guess it is one of the advantages of having a vivid imagination – you are never bored.

So this morning after the taxi picked me up from my hostel at 5am, we drove to the airport with a full on dance party going on and the windows down.  Yes, my taxi man who I would guess to be in his late 50’s drove in through the snow and ice with the windows down while I chattered not only to him, but also my teeth together while I was quickly becoming a block of ice myself.

The drive had been uneventful, the loud dance music pounding from the car took a little to get use to at this time of the morning, and the sliding to a stop whenever we encountered a pothole or dog made us laugh (although me a little nervously).

But when the police just by the airport, stopped us, my heart dropped.  After yesterdays’ introduction to policemen in this area I was preparing myself for the worst and while the taxi man got out of the car and walked over to the police, I quickly went through my wallet and started stuffing left over euro notes on my person.  I know it sounds strange, but I don’t have much money traveling and so I really couldn’t afford to lose any of it to pay someone for an infringement of being a tourist.


As it turns out the police waved to me through the window, I waved back nonchalantly half expecting them to see this as in invite to have a conversation.  It wasn’t.

We were stopped, not because the taxi was trafficking a tourist, but because they wanted to check the wheels on the car and afterwards we continued thedrive to the airport with German house music blaring in the speakers.

I was smart this time at the airport.  After the whole Ukrainian money fiasco of 2010 (which I managed to change here while in Moldova), I asked PRIOR immigration if I could change money on the other side.  I was advised I couldn’t but if I wanted to there was a bank just down the hall, or if I wanted to, I could change directly with the guards.

  As kind as that offer was, I only had the equivalent of €1.50 and so just decided to purchase something pretty for myself – or yummy as the case was; Moldovan candy.

The airport in Chisinau doesn’t offer many shops, the usual suspects are there; alcohol, perfume, makeup and limited souvenirs.  However, this airport does have something that a lot of the larger and more popular airports don’t – free Wifi.

I boarded my Tarom flight to Bucharest but was slightly delayed because of all the snow and ice on the ground. 

Arriving into Bucharest I had another exciting wait – this time at the transit counter.  For passengers that are transiting Bucharest you must go through security, but although there were three airport staff there, they would not let us go through until we had someone from the airline tell us which gate our flight was at.

After managing to get through security at Bucharest Airport
  I couldn’t quite understand this wait, and still don’t, because as soon as you go through the security you come out to the waiting lounges and there are several screens with the Gate numbers and destinations listed.

Still I wasn’t going to complain, and I am now spending my time waiting for my next flight to depart for Amsterdam.  This time with KLM, where I am looking forward to being able to do the crosswords in their Inflight Magazine – Tarom’s one in Romanian was a little difficult.

Until I board, I’ll just spending my time roaming the halls ….

Pa from Romania

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Leaving Chisinau on this very mise…
Leaving Chisinau on this very mis…
After managing to get through secu…
After managing to get through sec…
Notice the use of screen which sho…
Notice the use of screen which sh…
My flight!
My flight!
photo by: tm16dana