Quiet In The Cheap Seats - Part One

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Margaret the Angel and I on the bus

€42.50 is not a price to be sneezed at for travel from London (England) to Deurne (Nederland). Sure it was a lot cheaper than the normal train ticket, but in all it worked out more affordable than flying on some cheap airline to an airport somewhere in the middle of nowhere and then purchasing a train ticket from there, so I guess I shouldn’t complain about what this price included, or rather didn’t.


My day had started off well. I left the cozy warmness of Katie and Mushy’s home and left for a long walk to the bus station. I had walked this way many times during my stay in Cardiff, but dragging behind a little suitcase in the rain did make the journey slower going.

Inside King's Cross Station


Cardiff was crying I was leaving, or the fact that the season is changing into winter and rain is more likely then, may also be the case. No, I liked my first reason – Cardiff was upset I was leaving and as the rain followed me through my journey to London, I can only say the British Isles were taking it hard that I was departing their fair shores.


Upon arrival at the bus station, I checked in and got my boarding card. I had purchased a very cheap fare online with National Express. I had decided to upgrade from the £1 fare advertised at some incredibly crazy hour of the morning departure, to a respectable noon departure for the still highly affordable £4.50 fare. Yes, £4.50 from Cardiff to London on the bus was too tempting to pass up.


As with most plans, especially good ones, they usually go awry.

I was going to sit on the bus, perhaps catch up on my sleep as I had a long day ahead of me, listen to some podcasts and watch the countryside go by. In actuality I sat next to an angel and we spent the afternoon talking about our lives.


Margaret, or the Angel as I called her, was a lovely lady who had left Wales years ago and moved to Canada with her husband and children. We shared stories of having families far away and she shared her food.


Margaret kindly donated to the ‘Feed Saskia’ cause and supplied me with drinks, sandwiches, chips (crisps), chocolate and mini porkpies. I think Margaret thought I was fading away, or it was the fact she was such a lovely lady, she didn’t want me to go hungry.


When the bus arrived in London, Margaret quickly got up and left. This was the last I saw of her. I had wanted to thank her more formally rather than the informal stuffing of food in my mouth and me mumbling and nodding my head with thanks while I ate. Alas it was not to be, she vanished quickly into the hordes of people at the bus station and made me certain that she was indeed an angel.


I had to get myself to King’s Cross Train Station and so I caught the underground from Victoria Tube Station (small walk from the bus depot) to King’s Cross St Pancras. And here I waited.


Part 2 to follow very very soon….

Saskia007 says:
Hello My Angel!!! :)
I'm still travelling - off to Moldova tomorrow for a couple of nights.
It's nice that you can take care of your brother. I'm sure he would appreciate it. :)
No news :) I will let you know once there is ... no holding of breathe though!
Merry Christmas to you too!
Posted on: Nov 29, 2010
amyupton says:
Hi Saskia, Just saw your letter on google, obviously you arrived home safe & sound.I am going to be here till at least january, my brother has to have surgery on his arm, actually he had it on sat. last. I will be here taking care of him .Trust all is well for you. Do you have any news for me? I am sure you know what I mean.; My very best to you & yours. Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Season & may 2011 is a good year for you all. BYe for now. Margaret.
Posted on: Nov 29, 2010
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Margaret the Angel and I on the bus
Margaret the Angel and I on the bus
Inside Kings Cross Station
Inside King's Cross Station
photo by: ulysses