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Nappi Nottep

Natti Pottep and the Quest for the Butterfly

Last night we started full of expectation and excitement – we were off to see the latest Harry Potter movie in its original language. 


After walking around the city, we had seen so many posters advertising the movie we thought we might as well try and go and see it ourselves.  The last time I had been to the movies was months ago when I went with Janet to see the A-Team whilst in Delhi, so it seemed like time for a little splurge.


After researching on the Internet, we found the theater that offered us the movie in English – the Butterfly Ultramarine.

After the run and finally finding a theater, we found it wasn't THE theater
  Using Google Maps both Dan and Peter got different locations for the same place, but seeing as this was Dan’s first time to Kiev and Peter lived here, we went with his information.  This was the first thing to go wrong that evening.


We quickly got ready to head out to the movie – we had about 30 minutes to get there before the movie started.  We had been told that the theater was 20 minutes walk away.  It was going to be tight, but we had passion, we had conviction, and failing that we could always run.  This was the second thing to go wrong that evening.


We had traveled a quite a distance on the Metro to our stop and we were a long way from the safety of the city we had gotten to know so well after only a couple of days.

  Realising we should check we were running in the correct direction, we asked a local who pointed us to go straight ahead and then at the main road, turn right.  When we ask how far it was, we were told it was about 15 minutes from the Metro.  Hmmm, not to worry we thought, after being exposed to radiation in Chernobyl, we now had superpowers which meant we had the ability to run like the wind.  This belief in our superhuman powers was the third thing to go wrong that evening.


At the end of the road, just after we turned right, we stopped and asked another local if we were going the right way for the movie theater “Kino Butterfly Ultramarine’.  After thinking about it, he nodded and then realising we couldn’t really follow his instructions, he motioned us to the bus that he wanted us to get on.

  Bus?  No one had said anything about a bus.  We thanked him for his help and told him we would walk/run to the theater.  We continued running along this new road, which was a motorway.  This was the fourth thing we did wrong that evening.


After running and walking and walking and running, we saw another local and asked him how much further.  We had only missed 5 minutes of the start, which are the previews anyway.  It was still possible to make the movie.  But this local made our hearts sink.  Apparently it wasn’t on this road at all, and worst of all it wasn’t even in this direction.  I had been wasting my running ability for nothing.  We turned around and ran back in the direction we came, all the while checking the time reminding ourselves Harry would wait for us.


Because the day had been cold and raining, I had worn my Icebreaker thermals and a top I bought for the cold whilst I was in Iceland.  This along with an Icebreaker jumper, a thick scarf and my winter jacket, I was beyond hot – I was thermal nuclear!  This clothing choice was the fifth thing that went wrong that evening.


After reaching back to where the man wanted us to get onto a bus, we crossed the road, ran into what looked like a shopping centre and waited while a woman explained where she thought a cinema was.  She said straight then left then right.  We forgot to cross the road again and after running again for about three minutes and then having to run back to use the underground tunnel our thoughts now turned to begging the movie staff to restart the movie for us.  After all who else was going to be seeing this movie in the original language?


We finally reached the theater only half and hour after the session had started.  Running to the counter, hair a mess, panting, the girl behind the counter just sat and looked at us.


Dan:  “Is this the Butterfly Ultramarine?”

Girl:  Frown

Dan:  “Harry Potter?”

Girl:  Shake of the head frown

Me:  “Kino?  Butterfly Ultramarine?”

Girl:  “Nyet, Butterfly Deluxe”

Dan and Me:  “Errr, Deluxe????”

Clearly this was sixth thing that went wrong this evening, but quite an important one.

All that running, the paying of 2UAH for the Metro (€0.18), asking people for directions had been for nought.  We were in completely the wrong complex.  This was quite a large oversight.


So this evening we have made sure we have the right cinema complex.  We armed ourselves with a map and instructions written in Cyrillic so, should we run into problems, we could leap into action. 


Turns out we didn’t need to do this; we found the correct theater (mostly because Peter and his Ukrainian mate) drove us there.  The movie was packed – who knew there were a lot people within the city of Kiev who understood English?  Where had they been last night?


Do pobachennya from Kyiv

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Nappi Nottep
Nappi Nottep
After the run and finally finding …
After the run and finally finding…
photo by: Biedjee