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Today I am about to embark on a long journey – the journey back to New Zealand and as with every journey, it starts with a beginning and this was with Melanie who kindly offered to cycle beside me to the train station after I had loaded my entire luggage into the Bakfiets.

Since I am flying with Emirates, they had recently been kind enough to increase their luggage requirements to 30kgs for all passengers.  As I didn’t have that much with me, this should have been easy to manage but why is it that I never have it easy when packing?

After checking my bags on the scales, scratching my head a lot, rechecking the scales, taking items out, rechecking the scales and then packing a whole lot into my hand luggage, I was within the limits.  I’m just hoping Emirates staff don’t ask to weigh my hand luggage.  I was a little scared to do this before I left Roland and Melanie’s place, but I think the “Offpphh” noise I make when I lift the bag may suggest it is slightly over the hand baggage weight limit.  Still hopefully I am a good enough actress and I am able to feign that the bag I have strapped to my back is as light as the snow that has been falling from the sky.

It seems like a long time ago since I left New Zealand, which was only eight months ago – where has the time gone?  I feel like I haven’t made the most of my time away.  I have seen a lot of seasons – some places were so excruciatingly hot that I felt my eyeballs were sweating, to so unbelievably cold that I couldn’t feel my feet while I traipsed through the snow and ice. 

Still there are still chances for another adventure before I arrive back in Auckland.  For instance, this morning I was abused by a highly stressed woman who told me she wanted to kill everyone in her vicinity (her words not mine).  Earlier she had come up to me, asked if I spoke English and wanted to know when the train would arrive in Schiphol.  I told her it would be about five minutes, which was obviously not the answer she was anticipating and lost it.  I sat there rather awkwardly while she ranted at me about the trains, the weather, her flight –it brought back wonderful memories of working at Flight Centre and being blamed for everything; airline delays, the weather, the service.  I took it on the chin, as it’s always good to keep your cool during these situations, but clearly she needed to vent and thankfully we then arrived at the airport and I got to leave.

I later saw her walking the halls screaming at other people.  I didn’t feel so special anymore, it seems like she just likes to yell.

So here I am, waiting at Gate 5, about to board my flight to Dubai.

I still have to get through security, acting all the while I don’t have an oversized and heavy amount of hand luggage, but I’m going to be smart.  I’m going to do the opposite of what the stranger did to me on the train today, instead I will be pleasant and perhaps they might take pity on me.  Failing that – I will have to take out all my clothing and wear it back.  That will be a nice treat for summer.

Until Dubai 


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photo by: pearcetoyou