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Good shoes - we like these a lot. Comfortable, not very stylish, but functional

Okay this is the blog entry where I will rant about the stupidity of my Converse shoes. Yes I know there are people who love this sports shoe, but I am not one of them. In fact, I am starting to develop a deep loathing for my only other footwear.

Earlier this year I had been in weather that had allowed me to wear my sandals, and although I had to replace them in Nepal because the dirt was getting stuck onto the sole because I was sweating so much (lovely mental image isn’t it), the newly replaced sandals were comfortable and kept me cool.

The new sandals I had bought were Tevo and I didn’t buy because the name was synonymous with hiking and I was in the land of hikers, I bought them because the cost me €2.50. This was too good of a bargain to be ignored.

Bad shoes - we dislike these in colder climates. Vaguely comfortable with smaller thinner socks, no grip but at least they are stylish :)

Unfortunately for me, the summer months have been replaced by the cold hard winter of Europe and now snow and ice lies on the ground. I have had to change out of my sandals to the closed toed shoes I brought along, but this has been an epic disappointment.

The first problem is that the Converse shoe is narrow, and when it is wintertime, you want to wear thicker socks so as to keep your feet warm. I can’t. I have had to resort to wearing a thinner pair of shoes so they fit within the confines of the shoe. This means I get cold feet.

The second problem is that they are made of canvas. Although great for playing sport in because it breaths, when walking in ankle deep snow, the canvas can become waterlogged and when you get wet shoes, you get wet feet, which in turn means that I get cold feet. Not a great thing to have in this weather.

Thirdly, and probably the most important factor, is the lack of grip. Yes, I know when they came out they were the high performance shoe for basketball players, but obviously the testers didn’t check the players ability to perform on snow and ice. This lack of grip can be dangerous. Numerous near falls, sliding and the always silly walking three steps in what would normally take me one when all the while everyone around me walks sturdily on the ground. Often I feel like Bambi, learning to take my first steps out on my own and my shoes do not understand the concept of stability and grounding.

However, this has been the least of my worries. Earlier today I was cycling around Deurne and after shopping for some necessary items of my next travel destination of Moldova (you know the staples like noodles and soup), I cycled home.

The ride was slow, tortuous actually as my feet were frozen having walked around the stores in the cold weather, but I was pedaling well. Until I turned The Corner….

This corner, which we call Melanie’s Hoek because she had a fall there last year and required stitches, is at the start of the street where I live with my cousin while I’m back with family. An average looking corner with no hidden bumps, that is until there is ice and snow on the road.

I turned the corner and I went one way, but my bike went the other with shopping exploding from my saddlebags and getting strewn across the road in a haphazard fashion. I was in pain, but this was offset slightly by the fact I had seven layers on my upper body that helped protect me from any serious damage.

I wasn’t really injured, just my pride. I repacked my shopping and decided to walk the rest of the way home (it wasn’t far), but balancing the groceries, the bike and trying to walk on the slippery ice with my silly Converse meant I ended up walking directly into a puddle of icy cold water. Just delightful this time of year.

I have since looked online at the Converse webpage and surprisingly there is an option to design you own shoe – you can choose the colour of the lace, of the lining, the toe cap, the stitches in fact you can do all sorts of pretty designing things, but what I would like to know is where is the grip option?

However, upon further investigation on the site there is a lot of shoes designed with Dr Seuss characters. Of course there are no grip on these shoes either but just think ...”Oh The Places You Will Go”

Next stop …. Moldova

vances says:
Hopefuly the footwear is your sole complaint and you are all "heeled up" from the bicycle spill...

Posted on: Jan 09, 2011
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Good shoes - we like these a lot. …
Good shoes - we like these a lot.…
Bad shoes - we dislike these in co…
Bad shoes - we dislike these in c…
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