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What, another departure to Auckland at Gate 219?  I heard it over the loud speaker with the words ‘Final Call’.  Surely there could not another flight to New Zealand at the same time?  Still I decided to wait it out but having caught up on my emails I decided I would go for a leisurely walk around the airport, leaving the comfort of my lounge chair, and look at the Departures Board for fun.

Usually when people refer to the word fun, it usually refers to some sort of an entertainment value for people who use this word.  Sadly today I was the fun and I provided the entertainment for those watching me. 

Walking up to the board I knew my flight was departing from Gate 230 as I had checked earlier after arriving back from the hotel.  But, then it hit me like a cold wet salmon you see in those “Carry On” movies, I had read the board wrong.  I had read Auckland, saw Gate 230 and though that was that.  Now I stood in front of the board breaking out in a cold sweat – Auckland flight EK406 (MY FLIGHT) was departing Gate 219 now.  What was worse, this gate was closing!

Like out of a scene of a movie, I stood there for the briefest of moments while the implication of this impeding disaster dawned on me and then turned my trolley in the direction of the gate and ran like the wind. 

I always find it strange, that when in the position to use a travelator, I do and today wasn’t any different.  Sure there where people on it, and there was the occasional “Excuse Me please”, as I ran past them, but I can’t resist such a contraption.

Now forgive me while I just go on a tangent– one of my pet peeves of travelators is that not all people stand to the side.  I can’t understand this after all in London; it is proper etiquette to stand to the right on escalators, but for some reason polite etiquette does not flow onto travelators or elevators – don’t even get me started about people getting into the lift while people are still trying to get off.  Grrrr.

Anyway, after this digression, I made it to the gate, and with the momentum of the run pulling me along I managed to push my trolley, lift out the light as anything (yeah right) backpack I had as hand luggage, swing it onto my back, lift up the bag carrying the jackets, and panting gave my passport and boarding pass to the attendant.

After being told I was very lucky to make this flight and not have my baggage offloaded, I passed through the final bit of security.  However, not before I saw the Gate board change to ‘Gate Closed’.

I was on the final leg of the journey and with only two flights to go (transit via Melbourne), I could relax.

So here I am in Auckland, I was met at the airport by Andrew, who was pleased to see me and driven home.  Chairman Mao King of the Mush, my cat, came running when I called him and spent the day by my side.  I have yet to unpack, but not for a while…..

My next blog will be about what I learnt about the world and myself, my musings so until then ….

Haere Mai New Zealand

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photo by: Fulla