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Arriving into Dubai

Passing through immigration in Dubai, and adding yet another passport stamp to the collection, I stepped outside into the night air and it hit me.  The smells of Middle Eastern cuisine mixing with the heat that my body had been longing, struck me like a humid oppressive blanket.

The excitement of being in a warm country meant that I could pack away my winter jacket, my scarf, my thermals and my silly Converse shoes and instead I could put on my old friends, the old faithfuls … my €2.50 Nepalese sandals.

I had deliberately not packed my sandals into my backpack in the hope of being able to wear them on the flight from Amsterdam.  I always like the idea of have non-laced shoes through security should they require me to take them off.

Hello Sandals!!!!
  However, the wintery weather in Europe had meant I had to wear closed toe shoes and after being a few kilograms over in Amsterdam (What the?  I checked on several different scales numerous times before I left home so this still perplexes me), I had to keep the Converse on.  But no longer!

Wearing my old friends again for the first time in months, well there is no word to explain the joy I felt at that moment.  They may not look the prettiest of shoes, but the massaging quality of the sandal made me feel like I was walking on air.  True bliss!

So now I have checked out of the hotel, had a sizeable breakfast, passed through immigration where the lovely Arab men working the booth said I looked so much better than my passport photo* which they then proceeded to pass around to others working to see.

Notice the full plastic bag hanging off my already full backpack
  I am elated that I no longer look my photo, clearly this traveling malarkey suits me and I am now sitting at Gate 230 waiting for its departure to Auckland.

* See Entry 2 Passport Photos:  A Photo How We Don’t Want The World To See Us.

I’ve managed to find myself a lounging chair, but now having just looked up; I’ve also noticed that Gate 231 departs for Auckland.  I find it quite strange that both gates depart for Auckland.  Gate 230 is flight EK434 and Gate 231 is flight EK412 but to add further confusion I am departing on flight EK406 for the same destination, Auckland.  Surely there cannot be three separate flights departing for Auckland all at similar times?  I would think that if these flights arrived at the same time, the population influx in New Zealand would cause the country to implode.  I think I need to go on a little adventure and find out for sure.

It’s always a difficult decision to make – do I leave this comfortable chair knowing that other people will pounce on it, or do I wait it out like a game of Chicken and hope that I make the Gate board nervous and thereby making it reveal my flight number.  I’ve never been very good at Chicken – eating it yes; playing it no … but maybe today my luck will change and favour the brave but I think the main reason I want to wait it out is because I am very comfortable.

Fingers Crossed it works out

vances says:
Guess you can't complain about all those flights to Auckland...but you can come plane!

Posted on: Jan 10, 2011
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Arriving into Dubai
Arriving into Dubai
Hello Sandals!!!!
Hello Sandals!!!!
Notice the full plastic bag hangin…
Notice the full plastic bag hangi…
photo by: vances