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In the Gorges - you can see where the water rises to with the new dam project
I am so full! Since arriving on my five star cruise boat to travel up the Yangtse River, I have been stuffing myself silly on all the delicious food on offer and making up for lost time as the past week and a bit, I have been dining on a lot of two-minute noodles.

Chinese food is surprisingly spicy and after eating at a few different restaurants, I have taken the liberty of writing down some of the delightful dishes you can try. Dishes like:
* Ox Aorta,
* Casserole Seafood Porridge Dragon Emperor,
* Shrimp Porridge Laver,
* Intestinal Sea Water Lobster Sauce,
* Mouthful of Hong,
* A Delicious Fried,
* Wild Mushroom Dip Examination Paper,
* Applause,
* Dry Pot Dirty,
* Beef He He,
* The Golden Cattle Raising Hell In The Sea,
* Fallopian Tube of Wood Frog Cooked In Asparagus Fern,
* Shark Lips Cooked In The Ovary and Digestive Of A Crab
Surprisingly I haven’t sampled any of these, but I did try a dish called Surface Point Staple, which was similar to a spring roll (of course!).
On the Pea Pod boats

Anyway, enough about my stomach, and how nice it is to have some food in it and back to my adventure…..

The overnight train to Xi’an was long, and after arriving at 6am we hit the ground running and visited the Terracotta Warriors (actually out of Xi’an and in a place called Lin Tong which is about 30 minutes drive away). The statues are located in three large pits scattered around the complex, with Pit 1 being the most impressive and largest. Now housed under aircraft hangers, the warriors are no longer coloured due to the paint oxidizing with the air, but nevertheless, they are still magnificent and scary.

The soldiers were constructed for Emperor Qin’s (the first Emperor of China who united the warring states under his leadership) mausoleum in 216BC and were rediscovered in 1974.
Centuries ago local people would hang their coffins in these huge, but impossible to reach, fissures
Each soldier is unique in face and their uniforms and hairstyles represented which role they performed; archers, cavalry, officers etc. What is more impressive is the detail in the weaponry - each terracotta warrior had their own weapon which were real. The swords and the arrow heads could be used in hand to hand combat, and due to this reason, after Emperor Qin died, many of the warriors were destroyed and their arms plundered. Not their actual arms, but the weapons!

An interesting fact I learnt whilst at the site, the weapons were all coated in Chromium Plating, which made them sharp and could inflict the utmost damage on their enemy. This plating had not been invented by the west until the 1930’s, some 2000 years later!

So now I’m cruising, going upstream from Yichang to Chongqing through the Three Gorges Hydropower Project. I got to venture out and see the site this morning and whilst I’m not entirely sure about the construction of this controversial dam, it is an engineering feat, which is amazing to behold.

So now I’m heading up the top deck, to enjoy the up close and personal view of the locks as we pass through. I may even take up my newly favourite drink I’ve discovered - Coconut chunks in Apricot Flavoured Nectar. No doubt I’ll need to come up with a terrific Chinese styled name ….. Coconut Snot Blocks in Flowery Princess Love Juice. Gosh, I’ve missed my calling - I should be writing cookbooks! Ganbei from the Yangtse River.
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In the Gorges - you can see where …
In the Gorges - you can see where…
On the Pea Pod boats
On the Pea Pod boats
Centuries ago local people would h…
Centuries ago local people would …
photo by: FK27