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Part of the Limonollen

Football has always been important to me, and I have been known to travel around the world just to see a single game of football when the time permits so when one of my cousins offered me a seat to the recent PSV versus VVV Venlo game, I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity.


The game was thrilling – well at least the second half was, but it was the final score of 3-0 to my team PSV was well worth sitting in stadium very close to the pitch listening to the local lads sitting next to me abusing the linesman for 90 minutes and best of all, it capitulated PSV to the top of the table.  Booyah!


So I’ve spent most of my time catching up with aunts and uncles (there are a lot of them), and cousins (there are even more of them) and biking .

.. lots and lots of biking.


The weather has been great and while I’ve been here there have been some terrific events to go and take in.  One of the highlights was the Bokkenollen. 


There is no real translation for this term into English except that is an event where you carry a tray full of beer over a course and those with the best time and the most beer, win.  This competition has been going on for years in a little village just down the road and it was the world championship I went to see.  Sponsored by the beer company Bavaria, entry is open and there are even events for children (Limonollen) which is instead of beer, the idea is the same; run the course and then go down a slide with their tray of Chocomel and those with the most drink left, and the best time, win.


The results of this event – wet and dirty people who have huge grins on their faces.  A successful event I’d say and it would have made for some great shots, had my camera not decided to die whilst in Eastern Europe.


Since traveling through Albania, my digital SLR has been playing up.  Actually no, that would suggest that it is working – it’s not.  My lens has completely stuffed up that my camera no longer focuses automatically and when it finally does decide to cooperate, it makes a convincing ‘clicking’ noise that suggests it is taking photographs when in reality it isn’t.  The camera now spends its time communicating to me through error messages, and unfortunately the error messages are not the ones I can decipher, nor are they the error messages that are in my camera manual.

The slide competitors had to travel down with their drinks
  Why it is that you spend years traveling around with the manual for your camera in the hope of being able to troubleshoot, when when require, the error messages I’m getting are not in there – Murphy’s Law. 


However, another interesting thing I read was found on one of the front pages of the manual.  Within there is a checklist of all the items that should have been included with your camera.  The eighth item down is the camera manual.  Does anyone else see a problem here with this?  The camera manual I am reading to ensure I have everything mentions itself?


So now I am pulling out my hair, traying to find out a way where I can take photographs.  Kindly a friend of mine has lent me his lens for a while.  Thanks Justin!  But the problem is still there – obviously I have mocked the camera gods as well.  Maybe this just means I need to go back and travel to all these places again and to get better pictures …. Oh if I must.

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Part of the Limonollen
Part of the Limonollen
The slide competitors had to trave…
The slide competitors had to trav…
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- Eindhoven
- Eindhoven
- Eindhoven
- Eindhoven
photo by: Saskia007