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Got an exciting email a couple days ago from one of my team leaders, Jenn, who forwarded a link to a video made by our host partner and the founder of Building Bridges with Rwanda, Lama Mugabo.  This video shows the community of Gashora that we will be working in, and the people who will be hosting us! Also, the hotel that is mentioned and shown, La Palisse, is where we will be staying during our time in Gashora :)

Take a look, the last 7 minutes or so are the best in my opinion, and here is the email from Jenn that specifies a little more about what/who's in the video. 

Here it is, our project in 15 minutes.
Yes- this is the community we are working in
Yes- we will work with softchoice
Yes- this is Lama our partner in Rwanda
Yes- this is the hotel we will stay at
Yes-this is Wayne the founder of DWC
Yes- this is the foundation for the covaga building we will work on
Maybe- we can use the jungle-gym (minute 8)

"Amarebe" is the Kinyarwanda word for the water hyacinth. This 15 min promo video illustrates the work that Covaga, a cooperative of weavers in Gashora (Rwanda) is doing to turn this environmental problem into a socio-economic opportunity. BBR and Treadlights Media collaborated on the production of this project over a three-month period.

Please pass this onto everyone you has supported you through this journey and who will continue to support you while you are away.  In one month each of you will become a part of this project.  Development work doesn't get much better than this!
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photo by: hummingbird50