This Would Be My Other Sister's House Then.

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Evening on the downs above St Lawrence

Incredibly, I have just got sunburn. Cool. :)

Actually it's St Lawrence...

... where my sister lives, but I doubt that is on the database, so Ventnor will do.  Now, my first ever entry on this site was a polemic against the village of South Normanton where my other sister lives and where I am currently holed up.  Perhaps it was unfair, and maybe it sounded ungrateful as I am living here for free, but Normmo is not in the same league as the IoW.  (if you read this girls, it is not a reflection on your fabulous selves...)

The Isle is a smallish island of the English South Coast.  I guess one would regard it as "quaint", although the Isle of Wight rock festival might belie that general impression for a couple of days of the year.

The view off of Ryde Pier
  Oh, as will the annual scooter rally.  I digress, like a lot of southern England, property prices are high and we're a lot who value and protect our patch of earth. 

Family Stuff

My sister's new IoW house is, in my humble opinion, better than her last.  She would disagree as the huge stone pile they had before was in a more prestigious location.  However, this one is more homely to my mind and imminently more suitable for the two of them.  It has some vertigous sea views (photos later), brilliant walks for the insane dogs, access to the sea and lots of cows and rabbits.  All in all, it's ace.

Being the youngest in the family (hard to believe, I know) I am always treated well by the older siblings.  You now, they cook for me and make me feel very welcome, although I did finally master the rather excellent coffee machine at the new house.  I'd like one, but at about £400, it is a little out of my price range.  So I spent the weekend wandering around with the dogs, reading the paper, watching and playing a spot of tennis (I'm crap except for my killer fading backhand (oo-er missus, ed)) and ambling around near the sea.  I guess I should really have done more preparation for interviews, but it is hard to be bothered in such an environment.

Higton says:
Can't be arsed
Posted on: Aug 29, 2007
dougal says:
You could add the aforementioned location the the database yourself you know...
Posted on: Aug 28, 2007
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Evening on the downs above St Lawr…
Evening on the downs above St Law…
The view off of Ryde Pier
The view off of Ryde Pier
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