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We have a history, Edinburgh and I.  Nothing I am going to go into here, but it is the scene of one of the worst weekends of my life, so I am looking to reclaim it because it is a gorgeous city.  If you sit in the cafes on Prince's Street and look at the castle, you can see where Rowling's inspiration for Harry Potter comes from.  If ever a city brooded, it is Edinburgh.

Environmentally Sound?

As most of travels seem to be at the moment, I was up in Scotland with work.  This represents a slight problem due to the distance from London and hence how to get there.  Unlike my work colleague, I eschewed the plane for the train.  In fact, I went even further, by using the sleeper train.

The journey up is about 4.5 hours (compared to 45 minutes on the plane).  However, I did go from the centre of London, didn't have to check in and check out baggage and arrived in the middle of Edinburgh.  Throw all that in, and the difference drops dramatically.  

The thing I actually want to mention though is not actually Edinburgh (I had a nice time, met with some old work friends, had 4 or 5 pints of a lovely IPA), but the journey back.  Sleeper trains are great.  It left Waverley at 11.40pm and encountered a couple of Edinborough Office colleagues in the bar.  We enjoyed another drink before I retired to my cabin.  My only gripe was that the bed was too narrow.  However, I did sleep and enjoyed the rocking motions of the train.  Before retiring, the Polish train usher asked me what I would like her to bring me for breakfast.  What I didn't expect was my order to be literal.  At 6.30 on the dot, there was a slight knock on the door.  I blearily opened it in my pants, and she breezed in, placing my breakfast on my bed, bringing me a paper and generally waking me up. I didn't even have time to suck my belly in.

That woman must have some serious stories to tell.

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photo by: vances