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Birthday boy looking a tart
Happy Birthday, Kenning
You remember Rob, don't you?  Shabby haired youth who we met in Costa Rica?  Has a peculiar fascination with cowboys.  Well he's back from saving the World and it was his birthday, so all to his house for a BBQ.  Don't get me wrong, I knew he must be relatively wealthy due to the fact he lived in the Peak District at a place called The Grange.  I didn't quite expect this place though.

As you can see from the photo, the front garden is large enough to pitch a tent on.  In fact, I suspect you could hold a mini-Glastonbury on it.  Although it would be called "Great Longstone".  Actually, it would perhaps be called Bakewell given the Glastonbury Festival is actually in Pilton

I digress.

To summarise, his house is big.
Rob's pile and my loverly little tent
  I should say houses though as it also has a gatehouse.

Party on, Tarquin
I was a bit disappointed. All the rich people had normal names and nobody stuck their nose up in the air at me.  They don't breed the rich like they used to.  I met some lovely people (Hi, Tom, if you ever happen to read this).  Rob's family were also great, although the parents hid in the gatehouse most of the time.  As one would expect at a birthday BBQ, booze was to be found aplenty, including my hot 'n' spicy Bloody Marys, and I think I ate about 4 pigs.  Party games included trying to pick up a cut down cereal box up of the floor using only ones teeth and not touching the floor with anything other than feet.  Those succeeding would move to the next round, which was the same thing but with more of the edge cut-off the box.

I had to retire early due to:

1. Age - I simply don't flex like I used to
2. A trouser faux pas, namely my arse being on show due to split trousers.  Thanks for the spare pair, Rob.

Oh, and the Peak District was as fabulous as I remember.  It was also fantastic to get to the Peaks on Public Transport - train across London, train to Chesterfield, bus to Buxton.  Seriously, great fun.   Takes a bit longer than a car, but I could read the paper on the train.

Very odd going by my old house though - I'm quite sure how I feel about that.
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Birthday boy looking a tart
Birthday boy looking a tart
Robs pile and my loverly little t…
Rob's pile and my loverly little …
Great Longstone
photo by: TheLordHelekaon