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Just look closely at the top of the drawers... Yes, that is carpet.

Shunned for my Great, Great, Great Grandfather's Sins

Wales.  A place that hides its charms under low cloud, behind slow moving farm vehicles and within an attitude towards English people which is right out of mid-twentieth century.  OK, some of my ancestors might have screwed you over, it isn't my fault so get over it.

Despite the sometimes unwelcoming response I get to my accent, I love the place.  More accessible than Scotland, it has the same sweeping skylines, harsh weather and surprising rewards if you look hard enough.  Nature still holds us humans in its thrall and agriculture is still relevant.  Some shops are still owned by local people rather than American multinationals and sell the precious things lampooned by The League of Gentlemen.  Find them soon because no one will take them over as going concerns once the proprietors shuffle off the coil.

Tile-brick-type stuff. Peculiar

To Work

I'm not here to see the sights at the moment though, work beckons. I'm wandering around a load of schools interviewing teachers, which is good stuff.  As it is Wales, things are all a bit rural, so I've got a hire car that I'm throwing around the country roads.  Obviously, it is raining, less obviously, this part of Wales actually has WiFi - incredible.

The hotel is in a place called Llandrindod Wells.  The teacher I interviewed earlier stated, without a trace of irony, that it was where everything happened in Powys.  Given it takes about 7 minutes to drive through it, I am not exactly expecting a row of neon nightclubs lighting up the High Street.  We shall see later.

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Just look closely at the top of th…
Just look closely at the top of t…
Tile-brick-type stuff.  Peculiar
Tile-brick-type stuff. Peculiar
Some of the old period features re…
Some of the old period features r…
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