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Checked out and we were on the train by 9.  We got to the airport around 10, did all our stuff and we are now on the plan waiting to take off.

This plane is taking forever!

Finally took off about an hour later.  Filled out some custom information for our arrival.


In my travels this month I have noticed and taken not of the sharp differences our countries have.  Transportation, especially regional and local is super in each country we traveled in.  We travelled for a full month and never needed or wanted a car.  Trains are fast, clean, and an environmentally friendly way of getting around.  Most places are walk able and make use of an underground, tram, and bus system.


Food varies dramatically in each town much more than in the U.S.  Fast food American places in Europe offer a much better menu.  In general the food is not healthier, especially in Germany.  Weight is kept low by the amount of exercise each citizen gets.  Italy has some of the best dishes, but mostly only those in Vernazza area were great.  The Netherlands, did not seem to have their own cultural dish.  Germany had by far the best traditional dishes, while overall, Vernazza wins with their amazing pesto.  Nuremburg Weisswurst and currywrust were some of the best German items available.  Pizzas are always flat and have a much better flavor.  They all have much less cheese, while adding a very intense tomato sauce.  Beer in Germany is no longer as localized as it used to be.  There are far more micro breweries, but they do sell to other cities and regions.  Italian wine was very good on the table, however bottles wines were a bit disappointing.  Germany pretzels “Brezels” were everything I had hoped for.  The beer was by far my favorite food item, and was flat out amazing.  Hefwesse is not good however!  German beer and Nuremberg sausage will be my most missed items.  Europe does not server tap water at Cafes.  This is a huge waste and the extra cost is very unfortunate.  Cappuccino is best in Italy, especially Rome.  Other coffee drinks should be avoided.  Focaccia bread should be integrated into the main diet in the U.S.  It is the best bread I have ever had.


While in Germany, I fit in very well.  Quite a few times I was able to order in German and know what was being said back.  The German people are very nice, and enjoy being out and socializing.  The Italians were quiet at times, but loud in groups.  Italians are more carefree, seem to lounge around, and are often late.  Germans are almost always on time (Trains).  It was not difficult to break language barriers although Italian was for sure the hardest.

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photo by: smhirsch