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Today was a rather boring day.  We got up and got breakfast, and get some bikes.  We rode out of town and saw some neat Dutch houses.  It didn’t take long to get there and this place is amazingly flat.  We stopped and got some lunch and then returned the bikes.  We then walked a bunch downtown, got some gifts as well as one for Bristol.  We headed back to our room for a nap, and then got some dinner at the Italian place down the street.

Steins arrived at home today with breaking!

Lindy’s Comments

Today was a very lazy day for us!  I have a cold so I have been extra tired.  We slept in a bit and then took the Canal-Bus to Central Station where we rented some bikes.  We then roamed around Amsterdam and south down the Amstel River and through some business park and into a weird secluded neighborhood.  Derek’s butt hurt so we headed back after about 3 hours of riding.  From here we wandered around, found it to be crowded and half full of nats so we headed back to our hotel.  I was tired so I took a little nap while Derek listened to music.  Then we ventured to a square near our hotel and relaxed and then went to dinner near our hotel which was very good.

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We got a little too early for the Amsterdamers today.  We looked for breakfast around 9 and everything was closed.  We were able to find one stand selling chocolate waffles.  We then headed for the boats that go on the canals.  We rode them to the Van Gogh museum, which was neat.  I’m not real in to art, but it was good.  After this we grabbed some lunch and then we got on a boat again for a while.  We took the boat to the Dutch Resistance Museum, which chronicled the movement against the Nazi occupiers in WW II.  It was all new information to me.  We left the museum and rode on the boat again, this time we went to the “Erotic” museum.  It was funny and followed the history of sex in popular culture.

  We got a dinner and then headed to the torture museum.  The torture museum had a lot of creepy torture tools and other items.

Lindy’s Comments

Today we woke up and purchased the Canal Bus pass so we could hop on and off ferry boats to see parts of the city.  We hopped onto the boat and road it to the Van Gogh Museum.  The place was packed!  And we had to wait in line and then peer around people to see all the paintings.  The collection of paintings was really good but I was disappointed they didn’t have any drawings on display.  After this we ate lunch and got back on the boat to go to the Dutch Resistance Museum.  This documented the Resistance of certain groups of Dutch during World War II.

I enjoyed the museum and we left to head to the Erotic Museum.  It was kind of interesting, lots of art from different cultures that was sexual.  After this we ate dinner, I got a chocolate covered waffle and pizza, yum.  After this we hunted down the Torture Museum.  It had lots of ancient torture devices mainly from the Middle Ages.  It was pretty gross what people did to each other, but the museum was interesting.  Amsterdam seems very overpriced, even more expensive then Rome or Milan so I find that interesting.

photo by: pearcetoyou