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We all remember that quirky love comedy starring Helen Hunt and Jack Nicholson (yeah, likely couple.. lol) but the title was FINALLY explained to me by my cousin a few months back. You see from time to time, my cynicism in combination with my sense of humor from time to time had me sounding quite contrary... As if I was on the path to whatever Jack Nicholson became in that movie.

"As good as it gets" does not refer to life being utter shit and that we should accept that it's not getting any better. What was really meant that no matter what's going on, we should look at that moment as the greatest thing we can possibly be living...

...definitely easier said than done. But I've definitely put that one into effect. And these days, it truly IS "as good as it gets".

A good buddy from Fort McMurray was on his way back home with his new fiance (Congratulations you guys!) from a great trip around interior BC - where I'm headed next - and stopped in for a quick breakfast together. Ate at Coco's Cafe (still in jasper) and it was recommended by a bartender in Downstream that I have a 'Breakfast Wrap'... apparently it had curry in it. Uh no thanks I thought. But deciding to live on the WILD SIDE, I tried it, hardly any curry, mostly an omelet made with bacon, eggs, peppers, and a SMIDGE of curry, really quite good.

The ride here was awesome. Ended up chatting with a great guy named Paul. Paul's around 55, and still kicking it on an adventure bike by KTM. Awesome dude... so awesome in fact that later when I thought I was going to run out of few on the Ice Fields Highway (93, not really sure of the name), he gave me a few liters from his jerry. Bang on! Turned out my GPS simply didn't have the next nearest petrol stations listed, and 10 minutes later I was filling up, lol!

the 2 and a half hour trip took nearly 5 because I stopped to take so many pics!! got some real gooders.. I'm gonna have to curtail that or I'll never get anywhere though.

Now I'm in Banff, did some calisthenics and plyometrics in the downtown field, cleaned up the bike, and am headed out.

Ride safe everyone
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photo by: jeffy