Tuesday, July 7th - Day 10 - "Do You Smell What the Clutch is Cooking?"

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So I decided to give myself 2 days in Vancouver, and I'm glad I did. I had worn my tires down pretty low after 7400 km's and needed a new set. Thanks to the good people of John Valk's BMW/Ducati Shop, I got a new set. And the mechanic was kind enough to let us borrow either his truck or his bike so we could grab a bite to eat. We opted for the truck because no one wants to dump another rider's bike. Well, the truck turned out to be an aging 'classic'.. with standard transmission. My experience with standard is pretty limited and it didn't take long before the cab and surrounding area were filled with the smell of burning clutch. Mmm-mm Good!

I relaxed with a dip in the hot tub at my friend's condo community. It was quite therapeutic for the blistered feet - Yes, I only have my riding boots and a pair of leather sandals, which fit poorly but are my only option for walking any distances at all.

In the hot tub convened 3 players in the Canadian Badminton Open. One was a frenchman in 33rd place, a chinese girl in 5th place, and a Canadian girl in 50th. Considering this was an international badminton tournament, their positions were quite impressive!

I also watched some children swimming. They were asian children, asian-Canadian children. And just like any 'typical' Canadian child, they splashed and had fun, and enjoyed a break from the heat. Another who was afraid of the water, was being taught how to swim by his father. I realize this may seem like an odd topic to touch on but I was moved by something that was an epiphany to me quite some time ago, but seems to fade away from the prevalent consciousness living in a primarily Caucasian, Northern Alberta town; we are all the same. We all have desires, fears, joys, pleasures... And it is such a shame that somehow we allow our differences to cloud our minds. There is all this hate and fear in the world when there is no need for it. I felt a great sense of peace come over me with that realization again. Children are blessed with an innocence and although they can at times be mean spirited, many of the things that we are aware of never cross their minds.

And then seeing an archway on the border to the USA which read "Brethren dwelling together in unity", I hoped for a time when all nations can coexist in peace. Unrealistic I know, but the conflict in the world seems so unnecessary.

Also went to Burnaby Hill in Vancouver I believe. It was nice there.

Ate gelato at Vancouver Gelateria Italia, La Casa Gelato at 1033 Venebles Street where they have created 218 different flavours of gelato... Sure some of them were bizarre and uncalled for like Wasabi Apple or Garlic, but I chose Chocolate Macadamia and Pistachio and man, I tell ya.. that shit was fo'real!!

Not a terribly exciting ride to Seattle, didnt venture out to cascades, I just wanted a short ride so I could relax a bit. Looking forward to tomorrow with a friend of a friend who's going to show me a couple roads around the Portland area.

Today was nice though, being shown around Seattle, having appies and a beer at the marina, then going to see Bruce and Brandon Lee's gravesite, before beign toured around the cliff parks and then going up on the Space Needle.

Every day, every experience, every person I meet, teaches me more about myself, more about my future, and more about what really matters. Again, I am thankful.

Take care, ride safe.

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photo by: diisha392