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From Great Falls to Lethbridge was pleasant enough. I was looking forward to getting there. I'd heard it was a great town. I also wanted reception back on my phone. There was something important to me I had to find out about. I found out. Life's lesson learned.
I checked into my Super8 Motel. It was an additional $30 per night than the ones I'd stayed in all over the states. But what a room! It was decked out like any Best Western Hotel room. They even had shampoo and conditioner bottles! Not that I really need those.
I searched out what to do in town via google as before in the other small towns I'd been in while crossing Montana. Eureka! Venues with music! The Low Flying Penguins were doing covers at The Slice downtown. Sweet! Went and got my head shaved so I'd look like a human being again. The ingrown hair was well healed so I'd also be able to shave. I intended to get some black socks, because all I had til then were black ankle socks, and had just bought some long white socks for the running shoes, but everyone knows you can't wear white socks with a black loafer. I ended up forgetting to get the socks. Good thing I'm confident enough to pull it off! haha
But what to do til then? I was hardly hungry. Well shoot, why not see ANOTHER movie? Looked at the listings for the best theater in town. Well I'd seen the only good movie playing, so I opted for the new Resident Evil. That poor Milla Jovavich , I mean a paycheque is nice and all, but FOUR of those movies?? Can she take herself seriously anymore? I think she can do better than that. BUT they gross about a bajillion dollars each time so they'll just keep having her make them, lol! Anyway, it started at 7:10 so I had some time to kill. I got ready, and started making my way to the theater. Not having a GPS blows. All I had was a celphone. Thank heavens that for some reason that Boost Mobile phone can receive 3G data over here because without googlemaps I'd be up shitcreek without a paddle.
Pulled into the theater parking lot. Darn, 7:20.. Would the previews still be going? Wait... 7:20 listing... Easy A. Well this sorta sounded funny. The premise being that a highschool girl wishes to be noticed so she propogates and perpetuats rumors that she's getting around. At first she enjoys the attention and the popularity but later feels great regret. For a teenybopper comedy it sure was deep. It went hand in hand with certain realizations I'd had during the last third of my trip.
After the show I headed to The Slice. The Slice so aply named for selling pizza by the slice, does not actually sell pizza by the slice. I got a greek salad instead.
Funny, I was so looking forward to a Kokanee Gold! It had been so long!! Welcome my triumphant return, Kokanees!!! It tasted kinda gross. Maybe it's cause I'm used to all this light beer lol, No I'm kidding, I didn't drink much of that. But something was off. Mind you, so was the MGD the night before at a mexican restaurant in Great Falls. Did I mention the details of that night? Okay, I just did. That's all that happened in Great Falls.
My bartender was nice company and conversed about the move to Lethbridge, why, plans for the future. It was nice, but once the band was done (and the played some phenomanol rock covers!), I opted for bed. As well, I have to say, I pulled off the black shoes/white socks combo amazingly! Just wear anything with confidence and you're good. I was looking like Michael Jackson back from the dead!!... What..? Too soon? lol
The next day I continued on to Calgary, and it was gorgeous looking off into the west and seeing the snow-capped mountains. Snowboard season approaches! Finally saw my first set of beautiful autumn trees. I took some pictures.
In Calgary for a few days now, tonnes of venues to check out, a couple art museums, the CN Tower, and a Flames game on Saturday. Yeah this'll be great!
Take care, Ride safe.

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photo by: Vikram