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If you zoom in on the original you can see my eyes are bugging out of my head lol
So for a while now I've had this itinerary totally planned out. But of course I was somewhat flexible. And open to ideas, both from travelers and from other motorcycle riders.

So I went to a few forums I am on for motorcycle riding and posted my whole itinerary and asked for suggestions...

I have been FLOODED with awesome tips and hints and sweet roads to ride! I can NOT WAIT FOR THIS TRIP!! I've got guys inviting me to hang with them at the moto GP races, and guys offering places to crash... This is just gonna be one incredible experience.

Anyway, it's way past my bedtime... but I'll leave you with this photo from the EMRA Race School I did. That's not my helmet, although it's a really good shoei, it was leant by an instructor. Really chill cool guy to lend it to me, I mean if I fell and smashed it on the ground, that'd be $700 down the toilet. And I did fall lol... and scraped it slightly... and he took it in stride. I even offered to buy him a new one. He just said "well it was gonna get scratched eventually, no worries".. turns out it was brand new :S I don't know if he was just being nice because it was a race school... or if he's really that kinda guy... I think it's the latter. That's awesome.

It was taken by some girl out there. She took some great photos and has her albums on or something like that... selling the photos for 10$ a piece for a digital print.. YUP.... Worth it to me though!
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If you zoom in on the original you…
If you zoom in on the original yo…
Fort McMurray
photo by: RealBackpacker