Saturday, July 10th - Day 7 - Forest for the Trees

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Sorry for the absence yesterday, twas my 29th Birthday so I got into Vernon and went out on the town with a friend to celebrate! Great time, Kelly O'Brien's restaurant and pub, a smörgåsbord of seafood, tonnes of delicious drinks, and pleasant company = great times!

Anyway, not a lot of time tonight, I'm couchsurfing with some really awesome people tonight in Vernon and we're going to a BBQ.. spent some time at the beach with an old army buddy and a long time chat-friend from the area so it was really nice.

Anyway, basis of today's post is really that I'm not seeing the forest for the trees... Birdrunner, the recommendation to go north from Vernon AROUND the okanogan, oh man, so AWESOME! that road was incredible!! hitting high speeds on 30-40 km turns, leaning into corners til the knees ached lol, god it was awesome. Had a bit of a wake up call when I came around one corner and saw a bit of the road had crumbled away and seeing I had a free oncoming lane, I went wide.. however, I had to snap some sense into myself cause what would I have done if that lane would have been occupied... Dun-dun-duuuuunnn.. *suspenseful music*

Just incredible riding and turns, but I realized I was zipping along loving the road so fast and at one point looked left to see I had climbed 150 meters above the lake and now was missing amazing views... so what is it, appreciate the road.. or appreciate the views.. which is the forest, which is the trees? I am swayed by the road.. And taking less pictures means better times.. Oh well, still loving it.
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photo by: world-traveller123