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So I decided in order to have something tangible to offer my potential clients after I've told them about this amazing opportunity to ride high end sport bikes around Romania (A beautiful, exciting, and fun country may I add), I had to have a website ready.

I'm not coding guru. I don't know HTML, nor flash, nor anything really. Just what looks alright. So I sat down, busted my ass, and put together a primary page, all as a flash movie, which would play and summarize the premise behind this touring company, and hopefully leave customers wanting to know more. Then from all the people contacting me to be updated with info, I will be able to tell how many people are likely to book a spot, and therefore, how economically feasible the venture is. Because it'd be foolish to jump in and have no one show up.

Of course, knowing that the iPhone does not play flash, and also that not everyone wants to sit through a 4 minute movie every time they want to reexamine the content, I put together a simple plain html page.

Both have contact links, links to Romanian Tourism sites

but here's my fave commercial, it's quirky, but well-produced, and simply.. breath-taking...

And both have my toll free number as well as contact email. I'm fairly proud of how the flash movie site turned out. The html site... lol, i admit it was totally drag-n-drop easy stuff... but oh well.

I had contacted every major manufacturer seeking permission to use photos of their bike but only MV Agusta of Italy replied. All they said was "ensure the site says that we are not affiliated"... So I assumed the same for everyone. We'll see what comes of it. Surely they would understand that I'm promoting their products, as well as endorsing them.

Anyway, take a look, let me know what you think :)

ps: for those of you who like to party.. yeah... the clubs ARE that good. I've been to two. As for the landscapes go, I didn't see the danube but I did see a lot of other gorgeous places.
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Recently heard the song "Pursuit of Happiness" by Kid CuDi from his debut album 'Man on the Moon - End of Day'...

It's got such good composition, including guitar by Ratatat, and back up vocals by MGMT, two other artists in my repertoire. It's crazy that although I appreciated 'Day and Night', I never looked into the rest of the album. I'm glad that a friend had this video posted on his site because I love the song and have opted for it to be the theme song for my trip. It just fits.

After all, aren't we all on the Pursuit of Happiness? With the aim of this trip to not only have one of the greatest vacations/adventures of my life, but also to hopefully develop a means of employment I will find MUCH more rewarding, this song is definitely suitable.

Have a listen...
clouds2008 says:
gr8 blog! be good,
and Njoy your travelling!
Posted on: Jul 29, 2010
Fort McMurray
photo by: RealBackpacker