Monday, July 19th - Day 16 - Hot. As. Fuck.

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Yep. Can't be put any plainer than that. For those of you who have a softer hide, there are occasions for the use of expletive s and this is one of them.

44'c and 104'f for you not using centigrade. Riding in it was like... Well it's been years since I last had my hair dried in a salon, but it's like that. You'd think travelling fast the 'wind chill' factor would come into play. But nope, it's just hot air passing over you. Insanity.

I was going to save the use of the camelback for the Death Valley passing to Vegas and for crossing the desert. How dumb would that be of me to not put it to good use now?! Especially considering after an hour of riding I was feeling like it'd be nice to just slump over my tank and have a nap... at 150 kmh lol!

It's odd how things work out. Like how I accidentally left my piece of shit Garmin Nuvi gps on in my pocket while in mcdonalds using free wifi (Yeah, they have free wifi! So i stop in all the time! I've gained 75 lbs though eating double big-macs...) and so it ran out of juice after only 20 minutes of use so I had to turn off early in San Fernando rather than IN Los Angeles. So now I get to use free wifi in a Starbucks rather than a McDinks! love it!

As well, In Sequoia National Park I was stuck in traffic for about a half hour during road construction. Although frustrating, following 20 slow moving cars and vans and tourist shuttles for half the way down (passing them illegally when as safe as possible to do so - marginally so lol) saved my knees so I could enjoy the bottom and not be exhausted and careen off a verticle cliff. I DID miss the craziest portion though. Nuts.

It's funny that because I'm rolling along so fast, in the split second that I am visually struck by the beauty of my new surroundings after rounding a bend, I'm going to quick to slow down, pull over, and capture what I am seeing... and then i hesitate.. and then it passes, and then it no longer feels worth the time to pull over. If I kept pulling over, it'd be like it was from Jasper to Banff... too long.. especially in the heat. But I still have SOME great pics.

Had a MAGNIFICENT time in San Francisco. Retarded traffic coming across the Golden Gate cause they have tolls set up.. like how stupid... right on the main thoroughfare. Anyway, the way into town brings you across marshland in a suburban area, and the fog was rolling in across it... gorgeous... surreal. I wanted to photograph it but after a long day riding, just wanted to get on. Then I saw the hills around the Golden Gate entrance, and the fog was rolling down that... then the white and pastel buildings lining the bay... loved it.

My hosts took me out with their friends and then out for dancing. It became evident that they had planned their whole night around me being there. I was sincerely moved; touched. Lovely people.

Spent the next day riding to Fresno so I could sleep for the Sequoia venture. Fresno... Sunday night.. where are the people? Like a ghost town! But some really nice photos of the architecture as the sun set.

Rode through Sequoia, so awesome, the transition through the various terrains/vegetations. Unfortunately I missed a turn to continue through the scenic route south of the park, but it worked out for the best because I was able to make best time to Bakersfield to meet my host there and they took me out to see Chris Nolan's new movie "Inception". For those of you who don't know, Mr. Nolan did the new Batman movies. Genius writer/director. Don't watch the trailer, don't read about it, just know the cast is incredible, so is the score, the story, everything, the cinematography, just do yourself a favor and see it. WOW.

A note: In my experience when I'm with a girl and I'm attracted, I'll leave opportunities for her to reciprocate signals that SHE'S attracted. If she doesn't, and she's blasse at my openings, she's not interested. To all the bisexual men out there hosting on the same rule applies. Awkwaaaaaaarrrddd.... lol

Take care, Ride safe
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photo by: X_Drive