Monday, July 12th - Day 9 - West Coast Love

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So Saturday night in Kelowna my host and her friends took me out to a BBQ where we played Flippy-Cup! For those of you who don't know, it's a relay race that requires not only a skill of fast drinking but of great dexterity too as once you've drank you must flip the cop from its base onto it's lid... craziness... Then we went and saw a Sublime tribute band at Doc's.. Willoughby's...

Also noticed a massive decline in other riders' willingness to wave back... as well as a dramatic increase in guys riding harley's... should I assume the two factors are related? Sad considering I love the feel of the road and the ride as well... I guess I'm just not tough enough. hrmm...

Got into Vancouver and my host took me to a BBQ full of riders from BCsportbikes Forum. Really nice people... really nice venue, The Spanish Bank, a beach/park area... The hippies were out in full swing playing crazy percussion instruments... and dancing around as if under the influence of illegal narcotics, but probably only under the influence of hippy power.

But it was a really nice atmosphere...

And then the sun began to set behind the mountains on the bay.... if straight from the canvas of Michelangelo. I was in awe. Everything in conjunction made me think that Vancouver could very well be the next city on my wishlist of places to live.

Today I'm just chilling while the tires get changed out... Oh last night after the park BBQ my host took me to Sweet Sensations for dessert... ladies... gentlemen.... do it... treat yourself... go there... Heavenly.

Take care, Ride Safe.
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