Monday, August 16th - Day 44 - Return of the Jedi

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So this one should be pretty quick.

Last day here in Anna Maria

I'm not gonna lie, it's be relaxing... but I didn't need relaxing, I need sun 'n' fun on a beach resort full of people my age... and a chance to not do 180 miles a day on a motorbike.

What I have is paradise for senior citizens with great dividends from their 401k accounts. 

It's quiet, peaceful, noise curfews of 10pm keep people from being loud on the beach (including wedding receptions that have no option but an outdoor hall meaning no parties going past 10), and a Zero tolerance on alcohol on the beach.

But, it does have some good eating at Beach Bistro (my meal was 95$ with a tip... after an appetizer you only need one small order entree... two will leave you stuffed)... Had to go back tonight to have dessert. Robert DeNiro has eaten there as has Sally Jassie Rafeal... great place. The Sandbar Restaurant was alright... 

Anyway, this portion of the trip... for awhile now I guess... has started to feel like... The Empire Strikes Back. A little anti-climatic... if not toned down.

Many factors contribute I'm sure (huge into self-analysis and over-analyzing). This trip is long. Although I've met great people, I've left behind great people at home as well. The constant riding pains me - this break has been needed.. and welcome - And I'm also unable to keep up my usual regime of workouts which keeps my mind healthy and my body feeling well. 

I foresaw this feeling occurring. I mean who expects 3 months to be NON-STOP INCREDIBLE... well, okay, truthfully, I'd hoped.

Not only did George Lucas write The Empire Strikes Back to be what it was and to have the mood it did.. but Mark Hamill as you may know to be Luke Skywalker was battling an addiction to heroine as well as a party life he wasn't prepared for as a young actor. Princess Leia, Cari Fischer was also having bouts with nose-candy, and Darth Vader reportedly was sodomizing young boys after autograph signings.

BUT, 'always look at the bright side of life' goes the song.

Tonight I happened upon Steve Sudnik, former Detroit Redwing who's played alongside Bill Gadsby and Gordie Howe. Great guy, similar personality to myself I guess. Anyway, he gave me his email and said to stay in touch and to let him know a bit about my business after telling me a bit about his life. Really great guy, down to earth. Best of all, he GOT the allure of Romania as a potential touring country, lol!

Anyway, in a couple days I'll be in Orlando, slight change of plans, very welcome.

It's starting to feel like... the RETURN.. OF THE JEDI...

Take care, ride safe

ps: sorry no pics, my battery was dead again... and haven't taken it out much around here.

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Anna Maria
photo by: perfektewelle