Friday, July 30th - Day 27 - Gone Muddin\'!

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So I pulled into Phoenix and did my customary drive by of my host\'s residence to see what I was getting myself into. I mean seriously, when my host\'s profile has no references, and very little info, and one pic, and they live in the ghetto, I can\'t help but think \"set up\" hahah! But after a text, it was clarified, and they lived in a VERY nice gated community... across the street from said ghetto, lol!

My time in Phoenix was great. My host took me to Bison Witches, where they serve awesome sandwiches! This totally made up for the smell coming from Tempe Lake, a man made lake dammed up by black rubber balloons.. which over the years in the heat, eroded to nothing and finally blew up. so the lake drained and all that was left was garbage and dead fish, and that was the lovely odor we inhaled while crossing Tempe Bridge, hehe.. No apology needed, shit happens.

the next morning I made my way North West through the mountains. Apparently I was supposed to go past the Salt River Canyon.. I\'m pretty sure I ended up doing one better. I musta been in the goddamn thing because for 22 miles I was on dirt road! Some of which had been washed out by rainstorms, hahah! Props to BMW for making a street roadster capable of handling this crap... a few points, the sand was probably 8 inches thick! And oh yeah, she got squirrely on me, but it held its own and I made it though, back to pavement, and past the Roosevelt Dam. Awesome! KingRobb of Total Motorcycle Forum and Traverser of Sport-Touring, there is no way you meant for me to take Apache road through the Tonto National Forest, or 288 N... both were 90% dirt.. and in the rain that started, boy oh boy, was that not a good time. A few times doing about 40 mph, the bike teetered back and forth as I tried to keep it level and not ditch. No way did I wanna dump my bike out there, with half a liter in my camelback.. I can even remember one point cruising on tarred road and going over a crest to discover.. DIRT!!! And I slammed on the brakes while in my head I said \"oh fuck no...\" lol... Later on some guy in an Jimmy who thought he was running qualifying laps for the Baja came flying around a corner and nearly killed me. I\'ll be honest, I barely reacted, just tried to keep it on my side of the road hahah!

Once back on pavement I opened her right up. Had to take a savage piss so I said to myself \"after you catch up to that next vehicle, stop and relieve yourself and you\'ll have enough time from the last pack you passed to go and then get back on the bike and not have to pass them again\", because I\'m doing about 110 mph. So I cruise up to the top of a hill, then stop. As soon as I got off my bike, a cop SUV crested the hill and drove by me! LOL, thank me lucky stars, me buddy...

Got into Show Low... settled in, rested my weary bones, and then went out to One Eyed Jack\'s Sports Bar.. then after one pint fled to Absolute Additions, a dance club. For all would-be travelers, I\'ll tell you right now, just lie back, get some good shut-eye, don\'t bother going out, neither place is worth it :D

And if you ever make it down this way, rent a  car or an SUV and travel the roads I mentioned above... it is just amazing... seriously. On a streetbike, I\'d reserve that for the less faint of heart.

Take care, ride safe

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photo by: ahtibat17