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With a peaceful night in my aunt's house, we got up in the morning quite late around 10. Up to that time, we never woked up so late as most of the time we had train schedule and  places to go. My nephews were already playing in the garden, and it was quite funny that they were doing hide-and-seek. And the weather was quite mild. Very different from what we felt in Italy and Nice. Even a bit cold with occasional breeze. And unbelievabley it was late July. Last night we even needed a jacket just before we go to bed.

 Aunt cooked very delicous meal- a usual meal they have everyday. But everything was so fresh. Bread from Pattiserie across the street was really buttery taste. Ahhhh.. I still smell the buttery bread. That was Croissant au Beurre (Butter croissant) with Cafe au lait. Just after that, we went out for shopping groceries like locals. Pretending to be locals sometimes funny as you are not. We went to play in the park. It was Jardin de Tuilerie and Luxembourg. In Luxemboug, there is a small fountain which one can launch a plastic boat. My nephews were playing with it, and we joined to have a small battle with our boats. Luxembourg was so well kept and maintained, almost close to the level of artisty. I know. I might be too biased. But if you play with boats in Luxembourg and visit Jardin de Tuilerie, you will see that it is no lie.  We spent a couple of hours seeing our nephews jumping around there and we just relaxed ourselves talking with aunt.

 Next was Palais de la Decouverture. It is more of NASA museum or Space museum in Washington DC  to encourage youngsters to have interests in science and engineering. For two hours we became 13 year old-boy and jump around all the parts of the museum with our nephews to try all kinds of machines and electronics. Finally we saw the astology show, showing that how all the stars are moving aroudn during the year within a really good room. We really felt like we look up the sky at night, and it was just good for the first 30 min, while I got fall asleep after that. It was really peaceful.  We came back, and aunt made us crepes, and it was too good. We were planning where to go next and decided to go to Moulin rouge. If I look back, it was quite a silly idea to go there at night, as most shows are not affordable for students. Somehow we ended in a show which cost us only 50 francs but later it turned out that the minimum was 100 francs. I remember that regular show price was about 700 francs at that time, and that is the one touristic show. The street or area named Pigalle was not a hospitable or agreeable area in general. But it was an interesting experience as we could see some people from arab countries in france. It is naturally actually because Moroccans and Algerians are quite many there.

After the show, we got out quickly and back to home. There are too many things to see ahead of us.


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photo by: lasersurge