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At Jungfrau - Ice Cave

 We arrived at Bern in the morning. Still quite chilly at 7 am, we put our luggage in the hotel, and hastend our trip to Jungfrau. To tell the truth, the image of Switzerland I had up to then was - Jodl song, the Alps, Fondue and a country of four languages. Very superficial and still remains as superficial. I admit that I have to change this superficial view on this beautiful country for coming years. We did not intend to stay in Switzerland (hereafter I call it Swiss), only one night, and we did not even plan to look at the town of Bern. A friendly bear statue greeted us, and the hotel was quite small and close to the station, but very small. Even it was close to the roof, so we can enjoy the view but still the room was not spacious for two men.

 We took the train, called Jungfraujoch cog railway. It left from Grindelwald via Lauterbrunnen, and reaches Kleinen Schiedegg. This entire train trip was a big fun, a french boy was asking his girl friend, "Asseyez-Vous, Asseyez-Vous, s'il vous plait (Please sit down)" so many times, and the girl never listened to him excited with the magnificent view. It is truly a gift from Nature, and we all were amazed how clean it could be, and the weather was so crystal clear, and the water was also extremely clear in Kleinen Schiedegg. If you raise your head up, you can see the top of Jungfrau while all the rural houses, grass, and the nature with glimmering sunlight. The train is not big though, which can make you feel that you are in wonderland while moving slowly to the Kleinen Schiedegg. You can stop at Grindelwald, Lauterburnnen or Kleinen Schiedegg. If I have to pick one, I definitely pick Kleinen Schiedegg with all those beautiful nature. It is truly wonderland.

 But this is not the end but the beginning. From Kleinen Schidegg, the Jungfraujoch cog railway reaches to the top, and you really see the whole snow. It was in the middle of winter, and you certainly need hot chocolate after looking around the top. The last 30 min of train is quite impressive, as the train goes up as those mountaineers do, step by step. We reached there and looked around ice cave, and also took so many pictures of eastern wall side of Jungfraujoch. If you don't have sunglasses, the sunlight from relection is quite disturbing, and it is strongly recommended to have one to have enough view about an hour.  I still have one photo which I took, and particularly it has a crow sitting in the rock, and behind scene is the famous Alps.

 While we came back to Grindelwald, we felt very cold, but later on, at the station, everything becomes real but only those photos were left. This trip took the entire day, and it was almost 7-8 pm and so dark when we arrived in Bern. We went up to the top of the hotel, and took shower. Couldn't think of anything else because of the schedule, as we were supposed to leave early in the morning to Milan, Italy.

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At Jungfrau - Ice Cave
At Jungfrau - Ice Cave
photo by: Vikram