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 If there is a place one needs to see the castle heritage of France, it would be Chenonceaux. Versailles is for King, but what about so many others? Chenonceaux (hereafter CNCX) is one of the most beautiful castle in France. If you name, there would be Angers, Blois, Cheverny, Amboise, but the creme is CNCX. The reason of CNCX is the best is actually from the historical issue that it was the house for Catherine de Medici.

 It is designed very well in a French way - very articulate. Also it is very spacious, and preserves the heritage of 15-16th century. The rooftops are quite peculiar in that it is a spiral shape with sharp shape on the top edge of each tower. The room is quite large but the bed itself is not that huge. Rather it is quite humble.  There is a irrigation system, and also moat. From outside moat the castle is pretty huge. But you might feel that once you are inside you feel quite cozy. If you want to get good pictures, there is a spot which everyone stands in line to get a whole view of the castle near moat, so follow them and get nice pictures !

 We were not satisfied actually just seeing one castle, but we wanted to see more. All above castles recommended by my aunt, we decided to go to Amboise. It is not quite far from CNCX, and had all the small and large features of Renaissance age of France. The weather was absolutely nice, and three flags were flying. Still you can see the river, and the castle is quite cozy. Not more beautiful than CNCX, but just enough to make you feel that now you are in a different region from Paris and its suburbs. Inside of Castle, you can play botch game, and also there is a souvenir shop which you might want to buy something.

Heading back to home, we were quite tired. Perhaps it was not the best day of our travel, but I was happy that I kept at least two good shots in CNCX. Not everyday could be so good, but certainly we were OK.

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photo by: Vikram