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As I repeat, this is very subjective blog. If one says Berlin is the heart of Germany, yes, one may be right. For me, Munich told me about Germany first. It was 7 am or so, and we took off the train. The central station was huge, perhaps the most modern station which we have seen so far, and we walked to U-bahn. The U-bahn in Munich was so huge and modern again, the opposite of London's tube. Frankly, don't know when U-bahn was built up but sure that it is build after the tube was built. Still remember the purple line, and I started using my German lessons after 5 min of our journey to the hotel. Surprisingly, the short German lesson took us to the hotel probably an hour earlier than expected, and we were supposed to wait until the check-in time was coming. Impatient enough, we asked front as we had many bags and backpacks, finally we got in there one hour earlier than usual check-in and check-out time. The next step was to get out again, and this time we used S-bahn and U-bahn to reach Marienplatz.

City hall and the clock are of course located, and on that day there were boys and girs were singing on the right side of platz. We were amused by the sound and harmony, while the antique style of city hall was just attractive to catch my eyes.The gray color of city hall building still matches with the light pale blue sky, and the platz was not crowded at all surprisingly. After enchanted by this visual and audible joys, we walked down to downtown to look for Hofbrau house. By the time now, you may think that this is so touristic, and I would say yes it is for the beginners of travelling. Somehow we found it very quickly, and all of us had beers and brauburst sausage. My friend and I had crossed arms each other and drank up two glasses of beers and the others were taking picture of us. The cold German beer was running through my throat, and so refreshing. Remembering that we yelled at each other to cheer up ourselves, it was not surprising at all because everybody in the hall were just excited. One question after that, how people can build up such a huge beer hall? The classic German beer has been made since 16th century according to Beer law which defines what the true beer should be. Spent two hours or so, we left the beer hall and try to get back home finally. Looking back whether you can really know what German beers are there, I doubt it is the case. But if you feel that you are in Munich just a little while, Hofbrau house is probably the place you want to stop by and feel the crowd and cheers of people.

On our way back to home, one of us wanted to have icecream, and accidentally we had probably the best chocolate icecream by then. The hotel was so clean but blunt,
and we got into sleep quite early as a trip to Fussen was waiting for us. What is in Fussen? Neueschwanstein castle for King Ludwig was there. It is too famous not to stop by, and we wanted to see one of the most beautiful castle in southern Germany.

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photo by: AleksandraEa