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 It took quite a bit of time to get to Venice. First, you probably can see that the station is not quite in the land, but quite close to the sea. I still remember that when the train is getting into the station, you can see the sea. Sea and river have quite different meaning to me. It makes me breathe, think and purify myself. If the sea is more blue, and the better.On that day, the sea was quite the mixture of pale blue and emerald. What to see in Venice is quite enormous amount, but simply we had good film (it was our fortune that we had good camera and film at that time), and that should be enough. We wanted to reach hotel by Gondola, but decided to go there on foot finally. As we got out of the station, we were faced up with an endless narrow street of Venice for about 30-40 min. If you have travelled Venice and used your two legs to get to San Marco plaza, you will probably know that how narrow those streets are. It is just enough for one or two persons to get through. With two or three backpacks with humid weather because of sea, it is quite a daunting job in the morning of July. We got only a day in Venice, thanks to all the schedules, and we could have gone back to Venice if we wanted to, but the narrow and sometimes filthy street made us go north after having hot and humid weather in Venice. However, I am quite sure that it would be very pleasant later on, as the view itself has exquisite quality and very unique sort of thing which other cities of Italy don't have. Palazzso Ducale is also another pleasure for eyes, not crowded but still there is an excellent spot to take pictures which give you a memorable one. Another joy was eating Pizza- a fresh thin-tomato pizza which really don't have anything except Mozarella and fresh tomato but really delicious. At night, one guy was singing and the voice was echoing in the plaza so that we could hear it while we had a walk in downtown at night. Having gelati (ice cream) while having a walk is another fun, and you would be able to find many mask shops as souvenirs, or they prepare carnival.

After following the arrows in the narrow streets to reach plaza San Marco, we went through dark corridors for a while, crossing narrow bridges spanning water and naturally it is not that clean. When you have such a corn-maze, perhaps the reason is to defend yourself from the enemy 400 years ago I guessed, now foreigners who might just flood their corridors all around the year. All of a sudden, a strong sunlight made us blind for a second and then we could see our hotel as well as plaze San Marco.  Some people were totally grounded and enjoying sunlight and I couldn't believe that people were just laying down themselves to such a dirty ground, but well, who cares.  Again, we are not impressed by the hotel, this time it was two star with no air-conditioning in the middle of summer (!), and the reception had a cute italian accent but nice English, wearing glass and looked like an old italian gentleman. It was our luck even we did not have to spend more than a night in venice without air conditioning in mid July. Quite funny enough, it had upper and lower story, and each story had a bed, but not really they have refrigerator or whatsoever called gadgets or even hair dryer. It is true that Italy sometimes is quite below standard in this sense as well as train timetable, but there are other huge advantages still attract people every single year. We almost immediately went out to see the plaza and the palazzo Ducale. The church was so beautiful even though it was under reconstruction with its roof, we could overlook the Mediterranean sea and the plaza from one place. It was the inside of the church where we did not need any air-conditioning and as a whole it was true in Milan, Florence and Rome - perhaps most of Italy so that you can go there to see the church and cool down, while other religious Italians are praying. On the rooftop, you can see the sea as well as the isle of Lido. The sunlight was reflected by the sea and the sea color was almost emerald green.

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photo by: asturjimmy