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In the morning, we headed for Windsor by bus. Windsor castle always has lots of travelers, boasting its glamorous features. If you want to take picture with guard, this is the place you can do, and the inside is still pretty much impressive with all the medals, armors, and great rooms. The guard will not move, so you are quite in the position where
you can find good spot with him. The weather was still gloomy gray, but it is actually a good contrast with guard's red jacket. From foreigner's view, this color match is not bad, on the contrary, you need certain distinction as a guard. After all, you are not camouflaging yourself as a guard as it is not a real war scene. This distinction is well seen throught London especially in the tube, which you might recognize the sign of tube is dark blue and red. Even though the weather is gloomy, you can't miss these signs and actually quite well matched with weather. Back to Windsor, it took us 3 hours to walk around, but I remember that the Queen was not there on that day so the flag was not raised high enough to show that she is there. WIndsor survived WW2, but it had a big fire in 1992 in the north wing.
Leaving behind Windsor, we got back to London, and packed again. This was the only the beginning of backpacking and there were so many times you should pack and unpack.We headed for St.James Park after packing, and also went to Hyde park. People were still doing sports, around 6 pm but outside still had sunlight. Cold enought to
wear t-shirt which I bought in Oxford, my friend took me a picture just before we leave Hyde park. I would say St.Jame park is an urban fashion, but then Hyde park is more
of natural style. Again, this is very subjective but I feel that way. Yesterday we had already bought ticekets from Ramsgate to Oostende, and this was a night ferry. We thought Eurostar was too boring for young people, and decided to take a little bit more adventure through Belgium to get to Amsterdam.

After taking bus, we arrived at Ramsgate. A huge ferry was waiting for us in pitch dark, and we could see lots of people. Among them, the most confident German boys were
hopping here and there, making loud conversations on what they are going to do tomorrow. We had a couple of blankets, but I really couldn't sleep. Finally around midnight,
the ferry left Ramsgate and we could see the ferry slipped away from the port, and the pitch dark night and sea were laying onto us. All of sudden, we felt very cold, and got inside to get some sleep. Two blankets were enough to make us asleep, and it was already 1 30 am. A subtle feeling that now we are heading for Mainland Europe, and perhaps there are much more to see and experience. Although England was great, now what is waiting for us in the mainland in total unanswered question. I knew how to
speak French and little bit of German, none of Italian, and regardless to say I did not know how to say Czech or Dutch or Flemish. The last day in England was a bit disappointing with long waiting from London to Ramsgate, but certainly more fun was waiting for us.

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photo by: ulysses