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It was in the evening. We were all ready to leave Amsterdam and were heading for Munich during the night. It was a German train, and nine of us separated as two troups of four and five. I was among the four, and started thinking about the currency (German Marks), German language (Guten Tag at best), and German people. The train was very fast, I believe it was ICE high speed train. Later I tell you the comparison between ICE(Germany) and TGV (France), but right now this is the first time that I tried high-speed train.
Until you reach the border of the Netherlands-Germany, the outside is still bright and has some sunlight, after 8 30 pm, it crossed German border and everything became squaqre. You will instantly notice the huge difference of houses in that area, and you don't have to look at the map or train station. You are in Germany. All of a sudden everything became very dark, houses were square, and mysterious feeling of coldness coming towards to me. Again this is only early July, and it has been a week since I left home. Did I get bored? No. Want to go back? Absolutely not. Odd enough, I started learning German language in the train whether I can use it directly after I arrive at Munich. It is a small gambling whether my language instinct would work in foreign countries. These days I love German movies, I understand some German words, and I have German friends. But until then, Germany was a country of Volkswagen, BMW, WW2, and maybe also WW1, and more than anything else, Beer and Sausage.

So what do we care about Munich? Its German name is Munchen, and the capital of Bavaria/Bayern state. Although Berlin is located in the north, Munich has been cultural center of Germany especially in the south. Close to its distance, there is the famous Neuerschwanstein and Hochenschwangau castle. Culturally rich, relatively rich in gastronomique, Munich is the city of German culture to say the least. It has S-Bahn and U-Bahn, and also good transportation system. Tourism is well developed naturally. Still mumbling give me a glass of water in German, finally I decided to go to snack car, and try the sentence to the waiter. I took a deep breath, and told him to give me a glass of water in German, and that was fantastic as he brought up a glass of water. But then, I realized that I am deaf for listening German language, as he spitted out bullets of German words to me assuming that I understand. I made a couple of nodding, and then took the glass but he mumbled more perhaps telling me that I should pay for a glass of water. Finally, I understood his words and tried to pay, but he refused to take the money and told me to go. Well, at least mumbling one sentence of German language was worth of a glass of water in the train.

The night train to Munich was still running, and again it became very dark outside. I was still reading German language book and also the tour guidebook for Munich for tomorrow morning. Believe it or not, I was a leader of these eight colleagues simply because I speak two languages (English and basic French), and I already got 10% off
for all expenses because of that. Up to now, it was pretty good, but nobody knew what would come after this night train to Munich.
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photo by: AleksandraEa