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 The morning was still cold. As you might notice, I have been writing that the weather was always cold until I reach Rome, and since then, I love Italy and France but never go down farther than Rome as it was too hot. Not knowing how pleasant Rome is, I was still thinking that the summer of Europe is far different from home country. Indeed, I started coughing since I arrived Munich, and now in Fussen I needed some medication.  In the heart of Southern Germany, Bayern, Fussen is known to be a town of two famous castles.Neuschwanstein and Hochenschwangau.  The former one is known more to people with Walt Disney movie, and also with King Ludwig's story. King Ludwig is later known to be a "mad" king, but his love for arts and endeavor to build up the castle was so enormous. He liked the play, so he made a small theater inside the castle. The only problem was that it took too much money to build up the castle, so later on he almost got bankrupt.  It took around 2-3 hours to get to Fussen. You can see a touristic carriage which can take you to the top of the castle, but not many people were actually taking those carriages or chariots,and many of them were climbing up. As a lot of people are heading for the castle, you can just follow them, and in about 40 min,you can see the castle.

 We looked around inside the castle, and actually it looks better when you look at it outside, also through the window, you will see a very beautiful forests. Even mysterious feeling when the weather is not sunny as we did on that day. Fogs were hanging on the top of the castle, and forests around the castle shows that mysterious look. Spending 3 hours walking and taking pictures, we realized that we might  Hochenschwangau because of our schedule. Initially we gave only 1-2 hours and intented to move Hochenschwangau, but the beauty of this castle grabbed us much more.  Hochenschwangau is yellowish castle so you probably can see way better than Neuschwanstein, and we surely caught it soon. From personal point of view,it might be unfair to say, but I still think that Neuschwanstein was way better than Hochenschwangau. Those who love Hochenschwangau, yes perhaps you are right. We really did not have enough time to see around, and we could only spend 30 min there. And finally, we found a pharmacy, and thanks to a pharmacist (she could understand English and also my broken German), I got a bottle of liquid which immediately stopped my coughing within three seconds literally. It was just a minute later we hopped into train, it left Fussen.

 After coming back to Fussen, we were ready to leave for Prague. I was a bit scared about this "former" communist country, not because of they were communist but because of I did not know even a single word of Czech. Different from Dutch, I did not know whether they do even speak English, or French or even German. Their alphabets are somewhat different, and that was all I know. We bought night train tickets from Munich to Prague, which departs around 10 pm. We already bought those tickets when we arrived at Munich, and now we all got into sleeping car. I took the one which has only one seat left and the others were together group of three and five.  In the sleeping car, there were three people, two from US and one from Switzerland. As the conductor would stop by at any time, I "thoughtfully" put my ticket underneath of my pillow, not knowing what it would cost.

I don't remember when exactly of the night. Perhaps 4 am. Finally a conductor came in and asked the yellow tickets to Prague. I was so confident that I had it, but then, I couldn't remember where I did put it. I asked conductor to give me 10 min, and exactly after 10 min, he came back. I woke up very nervous and woke those three people together, trying to find my tickets. The conductor said if I cannot find it, I should be dragged to the chief. After 5 more min, I was really dragged to the cheif's office, and they did not, or they could not speak English. Only the chief can speak a little bit of German and broken English. Perhaps that was the most embarassing moment of the whole trip, and you really can be kicked out of train if you don't have the ticket in the next station. Never have been in that situation, I could not ask to see my colleagues as I was virtually watched by officers. For 10 min, they were investigating me and finally the sunlight came through the window, and it was morning. It was the sunlight which hit my head all of a sudden, and finally I remembered where I did put it, underneath of my pillow. I looked for it everywhere but that place.I asked him to give me 1 min and I can give him the ticket, and then he reluctantly accompanied me to the sleeping car. There was a ticket. All of a sudden that nervous feeling has gone, and conductor became very polite,and everything was on track. I felt I have been in Wonderland for 30 min, and it was already 6 am in the morning. We have one hour left to arrive at Prague. I slept one more hour, and finally the train stopped. 


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photo by: vagabond07